Chappy and a question

There’s a shameless question at the end of this post, but first:

Was someone saying something about STC?  Who was that…

Anyway, despite an unusual number of background distractions (and noise)…not to mention my sudden and rabid fascination with PBS’s Inspector Lewis series…, here’s Ch. 23 of STC.  It gets a little juicy toward the end…

STC banner from Gyllene

And now for the shameless question:  Who wants more BNP?  If you do, lemme know, and I might could be persuaded/bribed to post the next part early, say, I dunno…tomorrow or the next day, if there’s interest.  It’s pretty much ready to go, just needs that usual final tweak.

What say you?

As always and either way, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

43 thoughts on “Chappy and a question

  1. Inspector Lewis is a great show!
    And, yes, please more BNP!!! It’s never too early for you to post, lol


  2. switbo: I’m thinking either later tonight or early tomorrow depending on the chaos at Casa Meridian. I…I guess this means you like the story? Maybe a little? Some? *skips merrily away*

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  3. amiramo11: I guess this means you like BNP? Some? A little? Maybe? 😉 Lol, I’ll be posting it either later tonight or early tomorrow depending on chaos here at Casa Meridian… Glad you like it!

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  4. Since it’s almost 3 AM here, your update will come just in time for my morning coffee. And BNP is really refreshing, don’t think I’ve read anything like it, and I’ve read ’em a lot 😊 good night from cold Europe


  5. amiramo11: Hey thanks! It started out as a way of trying out a new style of writing, one that changes “per part” but hopefully manages to remain cohesive even with that evolution. Of course, this started out as a one-shot and we see how THAT went… *hands over a blanket warm from the dryer and another coffee*

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  6. valady1: Heh, and just to be (momentarily because I’ll be posting it here in a bit) teasy: this is the part where they see each other again for the first time in over 9 years…


  7. mom2goalies: Inspector Lewis, especially D.S. Hathaway, rocks – definitely worth the power-watch! And thanks! I’m amazed with how well BNP is being received…just hope the love continues… *bites nails*

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  8. estrella75: Yes…yes what? Yes to posting early? Yes to me winning the lottery? Yes to me somehow magically acquiring Sevrin from Moon and living HEA? Oh, ok, so…yes to all of those, right? Right! 😉


  9. estrella75: You know, I can kind of see why he could have been a Sevrin. He looks world-weary, experienced but oh so very tired of it, and a bit miserly with his words.

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