BNP. New short (9 pt) fic. It’s complete. I’ll cry if you yell at me.

Long ago and far away (ok, starting apx. 2 months ago) in my “spare time” (go ahead and laugh with me) whenever I was in a writing mood but wasn’t actively inspired toward one of my *5* WIPs (pleasedon’tthrowthingsatme), I spent that time working on another story (since forcing myself to work on something that I ain’t feelin’ never turns out well and often results in deleted pages…).  It became a personal challenge to me to see if I even COULD finish a fanfic without the encouragement from my lovely readers and their fantastic comments and reviews.  (Y’all should be classified as “addictive”, btw…)

I did it. 

I actually completely finished a fic BEFORE I gave into temptation and started posting the bastard.

Blue Nail Polish has a total of 9 parts.  I call them “parts” since this thing was originally meant to be just a long, then really long, then really really…long ONESHOT.  Yeah, that part laughed its ass off at me.  So…, there are 9 parts.  I’ll be obsessively going back over each one of them before hitting that scarylicious POST button, but them bad boyz is done and will be posted more or less-ish about once a week or so.  (I’m a commitment-phobe…can ya tell?)


Now for the nerves part:  the mood of this piece is different from my usual style of writing.  It starts off concentrating on Sookie and how things went for her after offing Bill but thereafter it progresses, time-wise, fairly quickly.  It should feel a bit…jumpy.  It’s hard to explain, but know that it should be – for the most part – different from my usual offerings (except that, as usual, an E/S HEA is guaranteed).  I’m a bit hesitant to post it because of that change in style, but how else will I know what you think of it if I don’t put on my brave pants and post the fuck out of this set of words?

As for that, again, look for “around about” one part a week.  Or so.

Let me know what you think.

BNP huge

14 thoughts on “BNP. New short (9 pt) fic. It’s complete. I’ll cry if you yell at me.

  1. I love everything you write so I can’t wait to start reading this. In fact I’m going to say right now that I will be waiting impatiently for you to post once a week, especially knowing this little gem is all complete!😃😃


  2. kpalmer87: Thank you – glad you liked it! The style in Pt 2 will be difference since Sookie will be in a different “place” (emotionally/mentally) – hope it goes over well!

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  3. askarsgirl: Awww, hey thanks – I appreciate it! (Srsly, you guys’ reviews really are addictive!) I have commitment phobias so setting myself up to post once a week is a work in progress, but I’m planning on sticking to it…new year’s resolutions and all…


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