Oh my lands…that trailer…oh, yeah, that trailer… AND A GIF!!

The Tarzan trailer…  I’m fearin’ there’ll be no recovering my poor brain from this gutter-trip, and that’s fine by me…

And this that I saw in Gyllene‘s FB group and had to promptly steal for mine (and y’all!):

And then here’s this gif our amazing 4Padfoot made for me – it’s perfect!!

Tarzan gif

My poor brain?  GONE SPLODY. 



And we all know our amazing gif and banner makers are going to be having a field day with this trailer creating all the fantastic things they do!

I’m going to go stare off into space for a while…ignore any drool and/or whimpering…

11 thoughts on “Oh my lands…that trailer…oh, yeah, that trailer… AND A GIF!!

  1. Yesterday was an early Christmas present…Askars is all over media, love these scenes and can’t wait to see the movie…and now we know what was under that t-shirt he wore whenever he came out of the gym before filming started..

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  2. Just to repeat my reaction on FB, “Holy Shit!”
    That’s the physical Eric I wanted to see on TB, but had to imagine in fanfic. Can’t wait to see his acting in this role. I noticed that instead of standing straight up, even in his suit, his head and upper body lean forward, more apelike.


  3. gaijinvamp: Srsly…that…that…wow… THIS is what we all just KNEW was there…somewhere… He does such a great job of bring his inner animal to the surface whether it’s as a vampire or whatever Tarzan is supposed to represent (apes, I guess).


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