Story Recs: Fixing the Fuckery Beyond the Final Season

They like it! They really like it! 😀 Lol, love the write-up:
“Come aboard Meridian airlines and let her fly you to “The Moon” for a jump in time into a not-too-distant future where the Rockwellian Thanksgiving postcard TB sent us is actually not a time of happiness for Sookie, even when seemingly surrounded by her Bon Temps ‘friends’ and ‘loving’ fiancé… Fear not! Meridian quickly addresses this sorry state of affairs via the intervention of one marvelously characterized Willa Burrell, Eric’s estranged progeny. After some minor angst, our favorite couple will soon be ready to face whatever challenges, pregnancy-related or not, the future may hold for them together… A uniquely satisfying read with TB Pam fittingly put in her place and one charming, original character in Sevrin whom we just can’t help warming up to, one single grunt at a time…”

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


The last time we looked at those brave souls who took on the impending doom known as Season 7 and preemptively sought to rewrite the inevitable wrongs that the last and final season promised. This time we’re taking a closer look at our favorite stories that took what that last season handed us and methodically set to rights the epic fuckery, using it as a point for launching an entirely restored and altered ending.


Second Chance by Alh1971

Eric visits Sookie on her deathbed. TB One-shot, with elements from SVM. E/S, rated T, ONE-SHOT

Season 7 left Eric and Sookie with a gap too wide to cross. Sookie, unwilling to embrace her supernatural self, hangs on to her illusions of a ‘normal life’, and Eric chooses to say ‘goodbye’ rather than have his heart destroyed once more. This was a most dismal ending for Eric and Sookie shippers… but what…

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