Brag and Question Time

First up:  brag time (cause that’s how I roll)!

I have some of the very best friends in the fanfic’ing biz, y’all.  If you saw my previous post announcing STC’s Ch. 20, you’ll remember how I made a pitiful attempt at making a banner, right?  Well…me and my big mouth…

Guess what…..

(Ok, ok, I’ll get on with it, geez y’all are impatient!)


Going in order of magical appearance (srsly, these ladies have magic in their mice!):

Lookie what Kittyinaz made me!!


Lookie what Gyllene made me!!

STC banner from Gyllene


Now for the question portion of the evening:  Ok, I plan on having Eric and Sookie play 20 Questions, right?  A couple of weeks ago I was trying to cough up these questions and, well, the ones I came up with were unremarkable at best (more like “butt-ass boring”). 

The scene will have Pam (she’s good in STC, fucking clueless sometimes, but basically good) suggesting to Eric that he and Sookie get their 20 Questions on…which is great and awesome…but what the hell are the questions gonna be???

That, my dears, is where YOU come in.    I’d love to hear YOUR suggestions of the kinds of real questions Eric and Sookie might ask each other in a situation where they are honestly and seriously, and sometimes humorously, trying to get to know each other.  I’m looking for serious questions, and I’m also looking for funny and/or witty questions. 

In my head I see some of these questions coming from “Pam” – most of which Eric will refuse to ask Sookie because of their snark/smut content, that sort of thing,  and he will “replace” those questions with his own more realistic ones, and some will have come from “Eric” to begin with. 

(He’s going to surprise Sookie with this to show her that he really does want to get to know her better.  He’s awesome like that…)  *sigh*

Sookie will naturally love this scenario and will come up with her own questions to ask Eric…so yeah, I’ll need some of those, too.

So, lay some Eric to Sookie and Sookie to Eric questions on me and if they’ll work in the scene, Imma be usin’ them.

Thanks, and srsly, love my new banners…!  😀




21 thoughts on “Brag and Question Time

  1. The banners are lovely. Such wonderful, artistic and creative friends you have! They’re perfect for the story!


  2. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
    Questions: Favorite flower/color/scent/taste
    If you could visit anyone from any time in history…or visit any time period in history
    From Eric to Sookie: What is her ideal man, what would he be like.

    Oooooooooooo, they could play would your rather at some point too :D.
    Pam’s contribution would be something along the lines of sex or lack of or have something to do with Dear Abby. Something derogatory about Wal-|Mart, K-Mart, etc.


  3. Favorite childhood memory? Favorite book? Favorite Godric moment (since they both have them)? Most embarrassing moment? Hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


  4. Love the banners! What talented friends you have. 🙂 What is your guilty pleasure? Favorite reality t.v. show? Did the movie, The Sixth Sense blow your mind?


  5. tj6james6: 😀 Banners are fun! 😀 Thanks for the question ideas!! And I can see Pam being her bratty self with her list of “questions”… *snort*


  6. Lovely banners!
    A Pam question?? What is the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you during sex/a sexual encounter? Something Sookie could be asking and I’m sure with your imagination it could be a doozy:)


  7. fairytaleamber: 😀 I do!! And they’re really sweet, too! My guilty pleasure is…oh, um, sorry, that’s for Eric/Sookie, right? Sorry… LOL! Good question ideas!


  8. Jackie69: They’re awesome!! 😀 Great question ideas – I’d never have thought about asking what might be too serious to be joked about.


  9. shoegirl01: Thank you! I have some very talented, very generous friends! 😀 And I could SO see Pam writing that down as a question…lol! Good one!


  10. The b/f suggestions from Pam: Do you spit or swallow. Favorite brand of condoms. Flavored or not. Did you ever use your telepathy to cheat in school. How many Christmases, birthdays and other gift giving holidays did your telepathy ruin. Did you ever catch Jason fantasizing about men? Who fantasizes about Jason more, Tara or Lafayette?
    He had me gaping. He’s never heard of 20 questions! So getting serious responses out of him would have been nearly impossible therefore I got these from him for Pam, lmao.


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