WordPress is being strange (aka: WTF?)


—> Since WordPress has decided to fuck with the ability to leave comments/reviews (the comment box comes and goes, and hell, WP is even having problems ensuring that post notification emails make it out…*eyeroll*), please feel free to visit my loathed fanfiction.asshole site, my AO3 site, or my TWCS site for this and all fics until they can figure out how to get their collective heads out of their collective asses.  Comment away!  WE WILL NOT LET THEM WIN!! **glare***   <—

So not only did WP magically and mysteriously “disenable” my Comment boxes (fixed now) on today’s new chapter, but I’m finding out that apparently it didn’t even send out some email alerts when I posted it, either.

That makes me wanna kick inanimate objects…you know, ones named “WordPress”.  I have really strong thighs…I can kick pretty damn hard…

Andre might not be my most popular story (understandable since it IS about Andre…yes, that Andre) but I put just as much time and effort into it as I do my higher-profile fics and it makes me angry that my readers who HAVE given it a chance might miss a new chappie b/c of WP’s fuckery.

Fucking meanypants.

Here’s the link for the new chapter (again) in case WP snubbed you:

Andre banner1

8 thoughts on “WordPress is being strange (aka: WTF?)

  1. I checked all of this and all of it was already on and correct and still no comments box appears. On my other pages with the same settings and the same theme, they are there and working. Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help btw.


  2. nicolle1977: FWIW, I just checked your site (cool site!) and the first two posts I checked had the comment boxes, but maybe I didn’t look at the one you were talking about? That was part of the “fun” with mine – I had the proper main box checked but WP had magically unchecked the one for each page, but even when I rechecked the one for each page, the box still would appear only sometimes. I unchecked then rechecked and saved for the site-wide option, and it seemed to help some. The per-page option seems to be staying checked now, but I don’t really trust it. You can ask them for help on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wordpressdotcom I complained about the comment box problem and tagged them in that complaint and they replied. As of now the problem seems to be fixed (probably something that got muddled during their latest update – you know, the one they rolled out to fix problems that didn’t exist, change things that didn’t need changing, and caused chaos where it hadn’t lived before…) but I’m still keeping an eye on it.

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  3. Thanks, it was only for the prologue page that doesn’t have the comments. It’s really weird but I did try checking and unchecking the box site wide and for just that page. It’s really weird but I agree, it’s probably their update.

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Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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