STC, Ch. 18, is up!

If y’all are sensing a trend in my update schedule, it’s because there is one.  I aim to update each of my 5 current WIPs in order  so that NO story gets left behind or left alone for too long. 

This, of course, is assuming the muse is willing – that flighty little bitch is prone to tossing out new story ideas, but I do use things like WILLPOWER and SELF CONTROL and LOTS OF MEAN-SOUNDING NO!!s to make myself only write up the summary/relevant notes for new stuff and then I make me TUCK THE IDEAS AWAY in a folder marked (oddly enough) STORY IDEAS FOR LATER so that I can concentrate on the fics that I already have open.  Of course, said muse also sometimes gets bright and takes a vacay withOUT taking me because, as I may have mentioned once or twice, she a flighty little bitch like that…  (Remember that time she took off with Andre and didn’t tell me for, like, ever?!?)

But anyway, this is the GENERAL rotation schedule:  Next up will, theoretically, be EN: ATS, then should come Andre (hush), then Decisions, then The Moon, then STC again, rinse, repeat.  (Now watch…I’ll get stuck on EN:  ATS and then Cara in Decisions will start screaming at me and then Willa will run off and do terrible things in Moon and then Andre will glare and ugh…yeah…that’s how it goes sometimes.)

Anyway,  here’s the next chapter of STC – hope you like it:

Sookie Takes Charge pic

(**Yay – the pretty pretty linky-pics are back!**)

4 thoughts on “STC, Ch. 18, is up!

  1. How’s that WILLPOWER and SELF CONTROL working out for you? I ask simply because I have none… There is always ice cream somewhere calling my name, or chocolate raspberry yogurt that I freeze & pretend it’s ice cream… Then there are bad things, caffeine, nicotine. There’s just NOTHING FUN anymore! Damn it!


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