STC, Ch. 17, is up!

I was going to complain quite heartily about THIS DAMN HEAT, barometric headaches (“Barometric Pressure Headaches” if you wanna be technical), and, yeah, THIS DAMN HEAT, but I won’t.

(And the humidity.)

Instead I’ll gift you with Chapter 17 of Sookie Takes Charge.  Enjoy (in a nice cool location with a nice cool beverage – cold coffee counts – if you’re in most places in the Northern Hemisphere)!!

Sookie Takes Charge pic

Let me know what you think – reviews/muse, yadda.   😀

(Did I mention THIS DAMN HEAT? It’s like Nature doesn’t want me going outside, fickle bitch…)

12 thoughts on “STC, Ch. 17, is up!

  1. Maybe Mother Nature wants you to stay inside so you can keep updating your stories?


  2. Not sure exactly where you are but I’m about 50 miles north of Philly, PA and it is suffocating outside!


  3. Oh! So that’s what they’re called? Fancy names for everything now. I can now claim that my migraines along with all my other current pain is Barometric Pressure Headache/Pain. Imagine that! What happened to migraine, arthritis, & fibromyalgia? Guess they’re just in my head with the Barometric Pressure Headache… Oh well. You can’t see your screen outside anyway! May as well stay in, right? Hope you feel better! 🙂


  4. mom2goalies: I live right smack dab in the middle of “Breeze? What breeze? Let’s practice sweltering instead!” NC… It’s just nasty-humid outside, and for no good reason, either! *ick*

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  5. msbuffy: I call them a pain in my, um, head. I’m lucky in that it usually takes a more noticeable change in pressure before one really sets up housekeeping, but yeah, they hurt for a couple of hours even after the pressure levels out some.


  6. So polite! They’re awful though, aren’t they? I hope you’re feeling better & I’m keeping my fingers crossed (along with anything else I still can) for this rain & humidity to move off! On the other hand, I’m glad it’s not snow!


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