Story Recs: Supercharged Sookie – Part I

Do you like a strong Sookie, maybe even a Supercharged Sookie? The Fangbangers Anonymous site has spotlighted a couple of such fics, and one of ’em is my own dear Sookie Takes Charge!

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction

Because we like our Sookie best when frying a certain Southern 'gent's' ass... Because we like our Sookie best when frying a certain Southern ‘gent’s’ ass…

-Supercharged Sookie Part I-

We at the Directory love a smart or strong Sookie, preferably both, and feel it should be the standard rather than the exception to the rule. The only thing that can top a smart and strong Sookie? The Supercharged Sookie, a woman after our own hearts who is fully aware of her own power and has no issue kicking some ass, vampire or otherwise. While we enjoy the journeys of Sookie growing into those powers, there is nothing quite like a Sookie who has them from the get go. The only issue we encountered? We were spoiled for choice, so in the end we decided there will be two story rec posts for our beloved heroine, and we only though it was fair if we sandwiched an Epic Eric in between, so be…

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One thought on “Story Recs: Supercharged Sookie – Part I

Ahh, you found me. I don't know why they stuck me ALL THEY WAY DOWN HERE, but do you see that "Comment" box? Yeah, that one... Use it!

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