You guys…you’re making me tear up over here (again)!  I’m stunned, flabbergasted, grateful, thankful, amazed…you just don’t know…

Thank you so very much to the person/s who nominated THE FUCK out of me over in the Fanatic Fanfic Multifandom Awards

Gylllene, also nominated a blue billion times, drew my attention to it earlier today so naturally I started looking for my name here and there, then I started seeing my nominations – a lot of nominations…  Being somewhat ***THRILLED*** and ***HOLY SHIT!!!*** about it, I started scribbling down the categories in which I was nominated…then the titles of the fics involved, and that list grew. 

And grew.  (You can see that list at the end of this post if you want.) 

Bluntly, even if I win nothing (and honestly, considering ALL THAT TALENT!?!, I probably won’t), I’m beyond estatic with my nominations.    😀

There are so many awesome writers nominated including but certainly not limited to (links lead to a story they’ve been nominated for, but many are nominated for far more than one story): 4PadFoot (Artist), Bertie Bott (Artist, too), California Kat, Cuinawen, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel,  Gyllene (Artist, too)hisviks, Kittyinaz, Mommy4Thomas, Morggy, Queen of Area 5, Royal Ember, WhiteWolfLegend and many, many, many more.  When you see JUST how many awesome writers have been nominated, you’ll know why I stop here else you’d be swamped with names and links in this post!  If you see that I’ve missed you, please feel free to mention yourself in the comments below.

I had thought that these Awards were primarily for the Twilight and Twi/crossover fandoms with bits of other fandom love thrown in but I (happily!) guess not!!  There are a surprising number of categories and a fantastic FLOOD of writers and stories.  I’ve already stashed several to read later after I’m no  longer in a writing phase, and I can’t wait!

Relevant info:
Voting polls open on
May 31st, 2015.
Voting polls close on June 14th, 2015.

Convenient link linking conveniently to the Awards:

fanatic fanfics multifandom awards

Look, y’all – see???  THIS LIST IS HUGE!!!  If this feels at all braggy, well, it kind of is in a way – you fuckawesome readers THRILL me with your love and support and I’m happy-beaming over here!!  (No cats/dogs were scared in the making of this post, but only b/c they’re all asleep.)

All-Time Favorite TB Fanfic:
Eric Northman: After The Show
The Moon
Valentine’s Night

Favorite Angst Fanfic:
At Last

Favorite Complete Fanfic:
Valentine’s Night

Favorite One-Shot Fanfic:
At Last
He Had Your Eyes
Last Christmas
Shall We Dance
The Atrium

Favorite Risqué Fanfic:
The Moon
The Revealing of Andre

Favorite Romance Fanfic:
Sookie Takes Charge
The Moon
The Revealing of Andre

Favorite WIP Fanfic:
Sookie Takes Charge
The Moon
The Revealing of Andre

Favorite Veteran Author:

Also, thank you for reading down this far…   😀   Here’s an extraneous gif of Eric for your troubles:

Eric driving away

20 thoughts on “YOU GUYS!!!

  1. Congrats! Each of your nominations are much deserved. Thank you for the shout out and congratulations to all the other nominees. I was just as shocked as you for being nominated.


  2. I’ve read every one of the stories listed for you and loved each of them. Congratulations to you and all the other writers nominated. It does my heart good to see this, especially after the rash of postings lately saying our fandom is dying. As long as we have creative people like you and Glyllene, Natsgirl, and so many others giving our beloved characters new adventures, the fandom will thrive.


  3. Natsgirl: 😀 Thank you!! *fingers crossed* I’m just flat-out thrilled about being nominated – all else is lovely, savory gravy! 😀


  4. valady1: 😀 Thank you!!! That’s one of the main things I actually do like about fanfic community awards – in one place they give readers a whole slew of “other reader approved” stories to read, stories that others in the community thought well enough of to take time out of their lives to nominate. That’s one of the reasons I feel so honored and amazed when I’m nominated for anything – at least one reader liked my work enough to take that time and effort, and I’m always in such fantastic company! We have some truly brilliant talent in the TB/SVM fandom (and I assume it’s the same in other fandoms, too), and whenever I see my name “in amongst them”, oh, I SQUEEE!!! 😀

    And I might be in denial, but I see the TB/SVM fandom more as “enduring the natural ebb and flow” of the genre than actively dying. New writers come and go, veteran writers come and go, and sometimes these folks will return, sometimes they go on to greater things, but readers will still read and writers, so long as they have a story to tell and a place to safely post it, will still write.

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  5. Congrats! You deserve every bit of the recognition you receive! You’re an amazing writer! And it’s not bragging, it’s simply stating the your obvious awesomeness we all believe of you! Lol! That didn’t make much sense but I hope it got my point across. Congrats again!!!!!


  6. Congrats Milady! Bask in the awesomeness that is you! I was so glad to see you nominated! Truly, you deserve it! Thank you for the shout out and I couldn’t think of any better company to be nominated alongside of! I love ya (and your stories)!


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