Chapter 41 of Andre is now up + awesome b’day vid!

1:  First I wanna brag about/gush over the AMAZING FANTSTIC BRILLIANT video 4Padfoot created for my birthday!!!  That lady is extremely talented and makes the BEST videos and banners!

2:  Last, I wanna brag on ME for (finally) getting the next chapter of Andre out to y’all.  I am constantly surprised (and, honestly, gratified) when a new reader tells me that I’ve managed to change their opinion about Andre…yes, THAT Andre…!   I feel that Andre from the books was an extremely under-used, overlooked, badly presented character who had TONS of potential that The Twit purposefully ignored.  One day I was wondering about his motivations, what made him tick, etc., and decided that if he really was that old then he must have had at least SOME redeeming qualities, and that QSA must have had some, too, or not only would she not have survived so long, but she wouldn’t have retained such loyalty from her progeny even WITH some sort of mythical vamp-gift.

Ok, ok, I was looking to find some good in these characters, qualities that truly were redeeming, and found JUST ENOUGH to work with without having to change too much (even if I did  use that as an excuse to grow Andre up some age-wise, and a lot body/mind/heart-wise…). 


Andre banner1

2 thoughts on “Chapter 41 of Andre is now up + awesome b’day vid!

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    If you are not reading this story then drop what you are doing and start. If Meridian can convert me then I believe she can convert anyone. You will love Andre! Now go! Start reading!


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