“Trollkar” and the Battle of Knits

Dude has talent – truly has magic in his hands! (And I adore that red and white sweater in the middle of the article! Awesome job!)

Trollkar interview 4

From top: Spire sweater, Trollkar aka Heming Welde Thorbjørnsen, pattern Øyfjell.

“Trollkar” is a wizard – and he can knit with paper, branches, wires, steel – even melted cheese. Heming Welde Thorbjørnsen aka Trollkar from Karmøy in Western Norway makes thread into art.

In the older days, it was common for men to knit their own clothing. The entire value chain from sheep to product was a job for him. As the centuries have passed, knitting has become a dominant – and extremely popular – hobby for women.

Heming Welde Thorbjønsen, however, is an exception: As one of few men, he wants to subsist on knitting under the brand name Trollkar, meaning magician or wizard.

ThorNews asks him what has made him so interested in knitting.

– I really do not know! Knitting and other handicrafts have been with me my whole life.

He adds that the women closest to…

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