The Moon, Ch. 17, is up!! Also: NOMINATE!

1:  New chapter of The Moon, anyone?  Click the banner and go straight to the chapter, or read the second part of this post before clicking over to the magic – your choice because I adore you!

aThe Moon banner

(Still with me here?  Cool!)

2:  GO NOMINATE!!  😀  Yup, nominations are open for the You Want Blood Awards.  As I understand it, you can *only* fill out one form, and you can *only* nominate ONE writer/story PER CATEGORY.     One.

And on a completely unrelated note, my birthday is May 5th.  (*overly-innocent face*)

As best as I can figure, for your ease and convenience (and because I was bored) here are my stories that are eligible for inclusion this time around.  I’ve stuck this little pic here out of the innocent kindness of my heart – stop laughing – because I had a hell of a time figuring out what qualified considering the Award’s rules and categories and wanted to save you kind folks the headache.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with making it easier for you to nominate my works. 

Nothing.   At all.   Much.  Did I mention that my birthday is May 5th? 

(Ok, so I did the pic above because I liked the little bubble bullets instead of the itty bitty square bullets…yeah, I’m that nerdy? geeky? Sorry.)

Anyway, no matter which writers/stories you nominate, DO nominate your favs if you want.  It’s all in good fun!   😀

11 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 17, is up!! Also: NOMINATE!

  1. Nope, nothing at all! LMAO!!
    Here’s a secret, I’m already nominating something of yours. 😉 shhhhh
    You didn’t even have to put up your list.
    If you think about it, you might be able to guess which one…LOL


  2. kinnik7104: Awesome – thank you!!!! 😀 *happy dance* (Look away…my happy dance is NOT pretty…and things get…broken…) 😀 Thank you!!


  3. LOL!!! You are more than welcome and it is well deserved!

    Now, let me tell you which of my stories you can nominate….LMAO!!! 😉


  4. When you say your happy dance is not pretty, do you mean like Elaine on Seinfield not pretty? Because seriously she took dancing to a new and horrible low..


  5. valady1: Lol, my happy dance is part Snoopy, and part Elaine…and not the good parts, either… #fairwarning #run 😀


  6. Did I mention my birthday is May 4th? A Decisions update is my wish, or Andre or most any of your gems. Most pleased with the Moon. Happy dance.


  7. motomary: Happy Late Birthday!!! I hope you had a great one!! 😀 I’m in the process of writing another chapter of Andre, and Decisions is poking at my brain. So’s STC. And, well, Moon again, too. Ok, my brainbox is busy… 😀


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