Decisions, Ch. 25, is up!

It’s a shortie, but I didn’t want you guys to have to wait any longer for it.  The next chapter is well underway, so it should be up fairly soon, too.

Hope you like:

Decisions Story Banner

Let me know what you think!

12 thoughts on “Decisions, Ch. 25, is up!

  1. gyllene: Lol, ok, this might help:
    At Last (One shot still posted separately),
    small part in Decisions,
    Anything under “E/S One-Shots & Shorts” menu
    EN: ATS,
    Shall We Dance? (One shot still posted separately),
    Under “Short Fics” menu: SSSSS, Pam’s Gift to Eric
    Sookie Takes Charge
    All under the “TB: Short Final Season Fixes” menu (She’s Back, Fly Me to the Moon, Hep V Hep Don’t, and Theoretical Ending for True Suck)
    The Moon
    small part, with Sookie, in The Revealing of Andre
    Valentine’s Night
    Annnnnd I think that’s it. Maybe.

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  2. gyllene: It’s quickest to say that he’s BARELY mentioned in Anticipating. He’s very much undead and well, just, he’s barely referenced. He’ll play a large part in the mythical sequel.

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