Chapter 40 of Andre + New Group Info

Due to popular demand (ok, I just happened to think of it), I’ve created a Facebook group for my Andre readers (and any other readers who want to join cause I’m all nice that way):  Support Group for Lovers of My Andre.  Any reader is welcome to join and (insert appropriately solemn and serious expression here) together we can come to terms with just how weird it feels to have nice, sweet, gushy feelings toward the former BAMF we all used to love to hate. 

Ok, it’s more for story updates (well, updates on all my stories), reader’s questions about the story (well, any of my stories), whining about the story (stories…me)…   Despite the name, this group obviously isn’t limited to just the “Andre, yes, that Andre, fic”.   😀

But yeah – how weird is it to actually LIKE the formerly beloathed (srsly, I love that word and I totally claim it!) anti-hero?  Heh, well, now we have a place to discuss that!

(I actually have a regular but unpublicized group page, Meridian’s Fanfics, but this new one seemed like fun…)

Come aboard or, um, don’t.  Either way, enjoy the new chapter!

***And if you find the 11 missing words (Word counted 2537 words, yet when I copied/pasted over to WP, WP counted 2526), let me know.  I NEED THEM BACK!  Ugh!  STOP FUCKING WITH MY BRAIN, ELECTRONICA!  Ideas are already running around loose in there – DO YOU WANT THEM TO ESCAPE?????…***

And on that note:

Andre banner1

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Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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