Why Is This the Only Existing Viking Age Helmet?

Potentially of interest to those of y’all interested in Viking-y things:

Only Existing Viking Age Helmet - Norway

This iron helmet is the only one that is found in Scandinavia dating back to the Viking Age. Why are not more found? (Photo: Museum of Cultural History, Oslo)

In 1943, extraordinarily rich finds from the Viking Age were made in Haugsbygd in Ringerike, Eastern Norway. The finds included – among many other objects – the only helmet dating back to the Viking era found in Scandinavia.

Helmets are described in the Norse Sagas, and almost exclusively in association with chiefs and kings. Illustrations from the Viking Age are almost non-existing, but in some cases where the Vikings are depicted with ships, it looks as if they are wearing a helmet. Or is it really helmets? It is suggested that the Vikings actually wore pointy hoods as protection from the weather.

Unique Findings

March 30 1943, during World War II in Nazi-occupied Norway: On the farm Gjermundbu in Haugsbygd in…

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3 thoughts on “Why Is This the Only Existing Viking Age Helmet?

  1. If you go to the actual article there’s a picture of “Vikings” in their boat. I just think they’re cold and wearing beanies there wives or mums knitted!!!


  2. ericluver: Shoot yeah! It’d be too dang cold to go running around in iron hats (so to speak) – warm beanies or tobaggons would be MUCH warmer (and not to mention LIGHTER…)!


  3. As far as I know, Gedmundju helmet is the only viking helmet found IN NORWAY, the are several others found elsewhere (Sweden, Denmark, Danelaw, etc.), also there are many sculptures depicting people with headgear with nose guards, I don’t imagine a wool hat with a nose guard… Still, there are very few helmets, and this is a strange fact!!!


Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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