EN: ATS Chapter 6 is up!

Hope you enjoy!  It’s currently 9*F here in NC-land where the usual temp for this date/time SHOULD be around 35-40*F.  So, yeah, not fun.

New kitty (Galen Demitri NoLastNameYet) gets along great with the DOG…but, yeah, not so much with the other two cats.  (And that “not getting along’ness is entirely mutual… assy little fuckheads.)

*sigh*  C’est ma vie…

So, yeah, here’s another chapter of the saga of “what the hell happened with CH/TB” and how it goes with Eric and Fam after the farce of a show ended.

AKA:  Clicky the picky:





3 thoughts on “EN: ATS Chapter 6 is up!

Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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