Cliques? Can I join?? Will there be as much negativity THERE or can unicorns fart rainbows instead?

Hello readers-mine!

Now, before I post the reblog link (which is actually the point of this post), I’d like to say:

It saddens me that the negativity in our fandom has suddenly risen to such a point that blog posts like this and the one I’m manually reblogging are now necessary.

I don’t understand it, I really don’t, not when the solution to the apparent problem is so very, very simple: Read what you like, don’t read what you don’t like. Be friends with who you like, don’t be friends with those you don’t like. The end.

In fact, for a very long while now I’ve had my own writing-related motto on my site:

“But, in the end, writers are going to write what writers want to write, and readers are going to read what readers want to read, and sometimes the twain should not meet, and that is perfectly fine.” ~Meridian (me)

Hell, with my own crack-fic, TwiFuckery, I’ve tried to bring some fun, some snarky, sarcastic humor, into this dwindling fic world (fwiw, as those who have bothered to actually read it know, it’s a multi-fandom crack fic).

Some people get my humor (I love y’all!), some don’t, and that’s fine. If you like it, read it. If you don’t, then don’t. SIMPLE.


Now, I don’t understand where the whining about cliques comes from (and I’ve heard it mentioned in several places), but if there is some big clique somewhere, I want in! I’ll bring cookies to the weekly meetings and everything. (Are there membership dues in cliques? Just wonderin’…)

Anyway, deep breaths, everyone. Do some “ohm’ing”, sip some tea (ok, coffee), and then go read your favorite stories and send some great reviews to our great writers.

Let’s not let all this recent bout of strange negativity ruin the day or whatever. We’re not in high school English, y’all – there is NO forced reading!!  Again: If you like something, read it. If you don’t, um, then don’t.

It truly is that simple.

Now, here’s the link I’m reblogging (since Gyllenes site doesn’t enable reblogging – either that or I’m too techtarded to figure out how to do it, which is also likely):

Go, read her blog post – it’s really good.

46 thoughts on “Cliques? Can I join?? Will there be as much negativity THERE or can unicorns fart rainbows instead?

  1. It’s truly that simple. Let’s keep it positive! Read what you like and don’t read what you don’t like.

    Thank you! Love you lots like jelly tots!


  2. Free will yeah baby 🙂 that is what it boils down to also adult behavior — if you like do it (you know what I mean) if not don’t — trolls and people without a life and drama whores are the ones that cry woe is me and this nasty and mean comments so they can have something in their pitiful instigating lives and like Skinners rats they show how much they love negative attention — I will stop now before I rant pages and pages — I would tell you what the rules for cliques are but I never have been part of one. In high school I was called a double knit church jerk — it was the 70’s and my mother made all of clothes and we all went to a strict baptist church. It did not scare me because I am an adult and I own up to my mistakes no excuses ever (maybe once 🙂 ok I am finished.


  3. Heya :). Here’s a tip for sites that don’t have the Reblog button. Put the Press This Button in your browser! Go to your Admin Page and it will be under settings, then under Writing. You simply drag it up to your browser and drop it then even if a site doesn’t have any other type of share button you’ll always have that.
    I don’t know where the Cliques discussion came from either but then again I’m not a prolific reviewer although if it’s a really good chapter I will read the reviews :D.
    I’ve never been part of the ‘in’ crowd but I have always been me. If they don’t like it they can shove it where the sun don’t shine!


  4. suzyq591suzy: Your mom made your clothes? Man, that’s awesome – I bet they fit great! #lucky And you’re totally right: it’s all about free will – and having some grace.
    Readers are free to read what they want and NOT read what they don’t want. Writers are free to write what they want, and not write what they don’t want. It’s all so incredibly simple, and easy. *head desk*
    Hey, rant on, bay’be – we’ll make room!
    I know what you mean – I have too much to do, too much of my own “life to lead”, to get bogged down in weird dramas. And mistakes can be SO much fun! Thanks, gorgeous!

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  5. tj6james6: Hey thanks! I’ve seen the Press This button before, but didn’t know what it did. Hey, we can make our own ‘in crowd’! Ohh, or just make a humongo clique, and have weekly meetings where lots of coffee, donutes, Boston Cream Pies, popcorn, pizza….are involved…! 😀


  6. What the crispy fuck?? Seriously, I’ve spent the last few days editing past stories and trying to beat my muse back into her box. I come up for air and this is what I find? Cliques? Really? At thirty something I had thought this type petty bullshit was behind us. You want to be a member of a group? Hit the “Join this group” button. Here’s another tip. Join the damn conversation. People who claim to be excluded but don’t attempt to do anything but sit and wait for the conversation to come to them, get no sympathy from me.

    Some writers keep to themselves largely because they are too damn busy with their real lives to chat with us. Don’t bitch about their style because it doesn’t fit your ideals. Be happy they share their stories and pray they continue. “Hallelujah. Where the Tylenol?”


  7. May I propose the Clique of SMV writer fans? I lurk more than I review – I don’t always find the prpoer words to express my appreciation. I’m in awe of you ladies – thanks for sharing your talent with us.


  8. E. B. Rhome: Yes, exactly!! I adore chatting with my readers, I really honestly do, but I don’t have TIME for unnecessary drama. *passes over the Tylenol* And I don’t mind a bit if some find my writing style, etc., not to their taste – that’s perfectly fine, click the little “X” at the top of the page and get on living what I hope is a marvelous life. *head desk*
    Cliques… Oh, my… *tosses in a breath mint to cover the taste of high school* If there’s some big clique going on, dang, wish someone would tell me. Otherwise I just thought that people were friends with like-minded people…you know…the same way it goes in LIFE…
    If you want in a group, ask – most likely you’ll be entirely welcome (FB has it set up so that you usually DO have to ask to join, but big deal!). If you don’t, don’t. And you’re absolutely right: talk! interact! give your opinions in a nice, sincere, adult way! But be prepared to accept the fact that others may not agree with you, and that it is totally fine if they don’t! We’re not carbon copies of each other, and I for one am very glad! 😀

    Now go write. 😀


  9. shoegirl01: Ohhh, love that idea! And hey, while we love and appreciate reviews (especially the good ones!), lurking is fine! And honestly, finding the proper words is not necessary – just say what you liked, or even that you liked it at all. Either way it makes a writer’s heart happy! 😀 Thank you!


  10. All said is so very true. As a reader, I know I do not have the talents of so many of the writers out there. With that said I appreciate the stories that are out there and if the story doesn’t appeal to me, then I move on. No harm no foul!


  11. Can we be done with this discussion now? Everyone is just f-ing confused and no one knows what it’s about or where this elusive clique seems to be hiding… fucking Illuminati ruining it for us all… where’s my tin foil hat when I need it… and where did I leave the sarcasm font…


  12. lilloucfer: Exactly!! There are a lot of different “types” (?) of writers in even just the TB/SVM fandom alone, so there’s something for everyone. And, even if you don’t like some of the stories a particular writer writes, that doesn’t mean that you might not like others. It’s just all a matter of preference. Thanks!

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  13. hisviks: I blame the Illuminati. And the fanfiction site cause it’s usually their fault anyway. They’re run by the Dark Illuminati anyway… And you’ll have to make another tinfoil hat – Snookie sat on your last one.

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  14. I want to invite any and all groups that are f*cking with authors or artists to go f*ck themselves. You’ll be happier if you do. Just go to a secluded room, lock the door, turn on Barry White, light candles, and proceed to f*ck yourself. It’s liberating and it feels good. Plus, it’s a better usage of time. Meanwhile, I suggest the rest of us begin a new clique: Reasonable people who have moved beyond f*cking over others for no reason.


  15. Fucking fat bitch… Yeah let’s just keep blaming everyone till we figure out who these Dark Illuminati assholes are… I shall not rest till I’m sleepy.


  16. californiakat1564: YES!!! Flammers, assholes, trolls…anyone giving writers shit with hate in their hearts just needs to go fuck themselves with a chainsaw. Oh, wait, that sounded mean…or not.
    And as far as cliques are concerned, I’ll bring more coffee, donuts, and finger sandwiches (with and without fingers of trolls and flammers). We don’t have to charge membership fees, do we? Writers are notoriously broke, so that wouldn’t be fair. I know: admission can be proof of a sense of humor… 😀


  17. hisviks: It’s more Snookie’s pendulous really-big swaying boobies more than anything…
    And really, you could “not-rest” in a handy recliner, too – you’re “still watching tv/reading” after all…

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  18. Considering all the directions those pendulous boobies swing it all looks like ass to me… You’re part of them aren’t you, you can see me not-resting in my desk chair right noe that does indeed recline…


  19. californiakat1564: Dang, that’s right! *huf* Well, I can make my own if I have to…paper towels, a bit of rubbing (RUBBING) alcohol and some distilled water should do the trick… Thanks for the heads-up! 😀


  20. You always say things much more succinctly than me, but then you’re the writer. Obviously you (and others) are offended by my use of the word “clique” in my blog post among other things; however, I simply couldn’t think of a better word to describe these groups whom I’ve been trying to ignore the existence of for weeks now, but they’re hurting too many friends of mine, and it pissed me off. My opinion and commentary are just that, mine, not written to offend you or anyone personally. I’m just as fed up. I mistakenly reblogged a post that included my own words, not realizing that it would show up on the other blog (it’s being removed). However, if I ever did have a clique, Meridian, please know that the coffee carafe would always be filled for you and there would be treats, that is, if that’s how these things work. I’ve no clue. I used the word basing it on the behavior from what I remember of 8th grade girls. As far as I’m concerned, I wrote what I did, I got it out, and using hisviks words, I’m done with this conversation. I’m hoping these people disappear before they hurt anymore of my friends. Did you or anyone have to read what I blogged? Nope! I didn’t have to read this, but I wanted to and to respond. I wanted to because I respect you as a writer and like you as a person. You make me laugh; you always come through.


  21. Lmao! Quite welcome! I like the press this better most days because it enables me to put it immediately in Categories and tags AND I can save it to draft if I know I want to add something later. The only thing I can’t do via press this is #hashtags which is why I draft it because a lot of what I post I want to be seen by certain people or groups on twitter or tumblr.


  22. tj6james6: I dunno – maybe they have puppies and kittens and unicorns farting rainbows?? And here I thought we’d left high school dramas behind… *sigh* But if I’m ever inducted into the cool clique or edge my way into the ‘in crowd’, I’ll pull you in with me. Srsly – maybe they have cookies, too…


  23. MsBuffy: The one thing I have to say to everyone, from the lowliest, most pathetic of my detractors to my most ardently impassioned supporters and everyone in between, is this: be happy.

    Fanfics play a very small part in my life, therefore I don’t take the reading and writing of fanfiction nearly as seriously as some might, so often times I truly don’t understand where some writer or reader might be coming from, but that that is perfectly fine. My fics are not rules to live by, and my opinions aren’t worth any more or any less weight than anyone else’s.

    Be happy.

    Take my words – whether found in a fic or in a comment or a reply or an interview – for what they are: mine. Agree with me, don’t agree with me, whatever floats your boat, but above all: be happy.

    I do not control anyone’s actions or reactions, nor do I control their satisfaction with life. I am solely responsible for my own life, and that’s the way it should be.

    Life, as we know all too well, is too short for massive dramas and the like. If someone feels as though I have insulted them specifically, I should hope they would be mature enough to bring it to me so that we can work it out. If they don’t, then apparently it’s not worth my consideration because it apparently isn’t worth theirs. That’s on them.

    But, to one and all: Breathe, and you guessed it – BE HAPPY.


  24. tj6james6: I always followed the directions on the back of the Karo syrup bottle – yum!! 😀 And in all honesty, it bet it WAS still good! 😀


  25. Lol, there’s a recipe on the back of the bottle? A while back I was copying some of Mom’s recipes and had to ask her what the word was then What Karo was! LMAO!
    We live in Canada but the recipe was, obviously, American.
    Mine’s not made with corn syrup at all actually. It’s listed under recipes on my site if you want to have a look.


  26. Good evening all, 🙂 I can’t speak to a lot of what is being said above about cliques or how to get into one, but because so many of you talking here are strong leaders in our community I did want to clarify a little about the post that I made last night.

    Over the past month of so I have had readers and writers and banner makers share with me some of the things that they have been subjected to by people who participate in this community. Up to now it was all anonymous (as far as I knew) and we all rolled our eyes over the anonymous mask wearing bandit who got their jollies misspelling their “intelligent insights” into our stories and moved on. The things they shared with me were signed, and directed and filled with hate and anger.

    One of them told me that they rolled up and quit, maybe for good because they were so scared by what was said to them that they feared it would slide out and impact their real life work and families. That was the tipper for me, that was why I had to speak out and say that we all need to remember to support and care for each other, because so many people out there will cross the street just to kick you in the balls. It’s easy to forget how much difference a small kindness can make and how much healing it can bring.

    There were other stories, none of them mine, and so I can only say that it is not something I did lightly or without what I felt to be good reason. Today I was contacted by a writer who told me that last week she reading comments on another persons story and found a conversation that was ripping her own story apart and another writer as well, one that we (based on past evidence) appreciate, love and support. They said that they did not tell the other writer for fear of hurting them as they had been hurt, but worried that they would accidentally find it and feel as wounded as she had in it’s discovery.

    Like all of you, I have been attacked, belittled and flamed until my ass is chapped and my heart is broken. I take my down time and then I get up. You ladies all do, too and I admire that very much. I wanted these folks who were still stumbling and trying to stand to know that they were not alone and that what they did mattered and that if they could find the strength and the heart to pull themselves up and try again that hopefully someone, anyone of us, would be there to hold them steady until they were healed enough to do it on their own.

    We can’t stop the haters from hating. To try is a waste of time, but we can try and love and protect each other a little bit more in the face of that and collectively tell them as Kat did so eloquently above, to go fuck themselves. 🙂

    Thank you all for your time. I appreciate the opportunity to share a little more of this with you so that we are more aware of what is happening to those around us.

    Many hugs to you all, and as for cliques…I wouldn’t be in one that would have me for a member. 😉 But i will check back after I finish my therapy and see if we have figured out how to make a good one together. 🙂


  27. You’re welcome :). We like it. My dad didn’t but since he was the only one…Mom died before I found it so she didn’t have a chance to try it.


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