Yeah, well… He Had Your Eyes (complete one-shot)

So, yeah, I kind of committed a one-shot again.  This time, think “The Moon” but lighter, simpler, and COMPLETE.   You know me and E/S HEAs…

Now, I do have to say that a little birdie (possibly, ok, actually named Gyllene) has hinted strongly that she’ll have her own one-shot – it’s farkin’ awesome, btw! – coming out in the next couple days, so BOLO for it! 

And now, without further ado since there’s plenty of ado’ing in the usual A/N:


The above banner is by that same little birdie!  😀   Isn’t she amazing??

Annnnnd now…back to writing on the regulars!  Hope you enjoy this detour?



2 thoughts on “Yeah, well… He Had Your Eyes (complete one-shot)

Ahh, you found me. Meridian and I don't know why they stuck me all the way down here, but do you see that "Comment" box below me? Yeah, that one... Use it!

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