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Fanfiction Minions

To All Writers:

To be sure that your latest story or chapter updates are included in this Fanfiction Minions blog post, please link your story/chapter updates as a comment under the CURRENT WEEK’S thread on Facebook. You’ll be able to tell which thread is current by the dates posted on it.

If you do not post your update as a comment under the current week’s thread, there is a very real possibility that your post will be lost on the Minions page and will not be included in the blog post because I won’t see it.

Again, I do this for you guys – not for myself, and I’m certainly not getting paid for it, so make my life easier and post your update links where they’re supposed to go. I hate thinking that I’ve left someone out, and this will help make sure that I can include all…

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Ahh, you found me. I don't know why they stuck me ALL THEY WAY DOWN HERE, but do you see that "Comment" box? Yeah, that one... Use it!

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