Plagiarism strikes again…

The Drawing Board

…And now it’s even closer to home for me.

Many of you will have seen the posts I have been reblogging about my friends and fellow writers being shamelessly plagiarized by someone in the last couple of days, unfortunately I can now count myself in a disturbingly long list.

The offending author can be found at and is currently going by ericbella27

The story that she has copied is If We Could Take the Time, which is particularly upsetting to me because that story was written in tribute to my brother. I feel it’s insulting to the feeling behind the story and the reasons I wrote it.

Below is a section of my story along with her paraphrased version of it…

Excerpt from my story:

Consumed with his thoughts as he cut through a dark alleyway he was caught off guard as a petite human practically bounced off him and…

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3 thoughts on “Plagiarism strikes again…

  1. This is particularly offensive. These people (in this case, it reads as if it’s a very young person, nevertheless…) make me sick. Unfortunately, there’s no legal recourse for plagiarism in fanfiction. The only ones who are able to take legal action are the original authors and/or those who have own the copyrights; this more than sucks for everyone who puts their heart & soul, not to mention their time, devotion, sweat, and creativity to bring all of these wonderfully crafted stories to the masses. It is unfair, it is wrong, and it is deplorable. Even worse is that FF,net won’t do a fucking thing. They are complicit in publishing plagiarism but do absolutely nothing. This only makes me want to urge writers even more strongly to remove their stories from that toxic site and move them elsewhere. This so-called writer should be ashamed of herself and should be as well.


  2. Nothing will be. It’s fruitless to ask or demand anything of them unless of course you’re an attorney representing holy rollers on a crusade to censor the site for adult content in the event that the kiddies might be reading something they shouldn’t…instead of being the parent you should be and monitoring what your child is viewing or using parental controls for the purpose for which they were made. It’s a toxic site that needs to be avoided at all costs. They are lax in everything except removing what THEY decide is in poor taste OR they use blackmail in attempts to curtail writers from calling out nutcase cowards who hide behind “Anonymous” to flagrantly libel writers with derogatory and vile comments. If I was a writer, I would never use them for posting my work, even if it was the alphabet.

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