The Moon, Ch. 4, is up! (Eric says, “Hi”, btw)

Yes!  With many thanks to Gyllene for the awesome banner and buttons AND for letting me chat about my story to her – you NEED to check out her stories – her awesomeness is amazing, Chapter 4 is up, and it’s allllllll Eric.

Hope you like!

aThe Moon banner


4 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 4, is up! (Eric says, “Hi”, btw)

  1. A gracious Good Afternoon to Eric! Perhaps he’d like to join me for dinner this week seeing as my husband is on the late shift… And to carry my fantasy even further, he could heal my aching wound from my surgery so it doesn’t appear as though I have a caterpillar growing beneath my skin… I’d drink his blood just for that. OK, I’d do it for other things too, but I’ll leave those to my wicked imagination!

    With a smile and a wink… 🙂


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