So, yeah…that was, um, that… (Regarding the fiasco-flop of a finale)

I’m feeling kind of bloggy, so, yeah, here we go.

I can’t wait for next week’s epis…  Oh.

sad_gif_converted<— That’s really how I’m feeling. 

Realistically I know that I shouldn’t be all sad and shit over the ending of some mostly-crappy HBO spew…but I am.  It’s because of True Blood that I even FOUND the marvelous, fun, frustrating, and unique world of fanfic to start with, and now the show’s OVER?


SVM (the books) didn’t come along for me until after I’d started watching toward the end of the 1st season.  But once I was told that the series was based on these books, naturally I inhaled them ASAP.  Then, of course, I spent a few minutes being utterly confused by the weird changes from the books, but hey, I got Lala and Godric, so it was all good. 

Then of course I realized that I detested whatever the hell it was that CH shat out as her last 2? 3? “books”.  (I’ve so successfully ignored CH’s recent shattings that I don’t remember now HOW many she’s crapped out.  They’re all bird-cage coverings for all the shits I give.)

No matter how badly The Twit decided to fuck up the entire story, I will always love the first 8 books.  It just might be another decade or 3 before I can make me read them again…

But…yeah.  So, TB’s over now.  There’s no more anticipation about an upcoming season, no more ‘ticking days’ till Sunday night…and, honestly, no more bitching and griping about how badly they’ll fuck up the last season or, especially, the finale.

Which they did.


I dunno why they decided to present Eric as a used-blood salesman – having him sell “New Blood” was a great plot idea, but they had him coming off like, yeah, a used-blood salesman.  I dunno why they decided to present Pam as a pimp/madame schilling out Sarah’s blood.  But, they did.  At least Eric’s not in any sort of marital incarceration, so that’s a good thing.  And Pam’s alive, even if she does look like a Republicunt – terminology made famous by her own self.  I dunno why they decided to foist Sookie off onto some unknown Brutus-looking dude who is most likely a Were considering that she’s a TELEPATH who can’t stand to be all that close to HUMAN men… (Srsly, to me he looks like Brutus from that old Popeye cartoon.),,,but at least her uterus served its all-important purpose, I guess.  I’m glad Lala is happy with Jessica’s bf, and I’m glad that Jessica is happy with Bridgett’s bf (Hoyt), and I’m glad Jason is happy with Hoyt’s gf (Bridgett)………but still.  (I guess that’s her name – we knew her for, what, 12 minutes max?)

At least they gave us fic writers PLENTY of material for rewrites, fixes, and future plots, though.


If I cared enough to pursue them, I’ve already got at least 3 different fix-it plots in mind, but…meh.

Even before this fiasco of a final season I was starting to get tired of some aspects of the fic world, and this ending has not helped at all.  

I’m a bullheaded Taurus, though, so I’m not going to stop writing my on-going fics even if I do pull back from it all a little.  There are still a LOT of fixer/rewrite stories left to tell, and I’d like to tell a few more of them myself, maybe, if I ever leave the dubious halls of Mehville.

Godric and Eric and Andre, yeah, I’m still ‘addicted’ to my vamp-dudes, even if HBO fucked over two of them and, thankfully?, ignored the third one.  (I still wish horrid rashes and a rather strange clown fetish-phobia combo on whoever decided to kill off Godric.)

Anyway, what are YOUR thoughts on the ending of TB?   Loved it?  Hated it?  Ignored it?  Pretending it didn’t happen?  Still WTF’ing?   Feel free to vent.




46 thoughts on “So, yeah…that was, um, that… (Regarding the fiasco-flop of a finale)

  1. iiiiiignored it. granted i still get all the spoilers and gifs of the good stuff from the various authors i follow *coughkjwritcough* so i don’t feel the need to muddle through the 7th season just yet. or.. ever?


  2. I left it to settle for a few days now and I’m still about as blah about it as when the season started… not to say I didn’t have some completely unfounded hope halfway in between that maybe they could pull their heads out of their asses and come up with something decent but alas no….

    The whole season felt a little bit like they tried too damn hard and then nothing came of it. My over analytical brain sees the parallels they’ve tried to set up, Bill’s path of disease is pretty much that of an early aids victim in the eighties but with all the Republicunting it drew some metaphors to the current reform on the American health system too… problem is TB was never a show that pursued this, stumbled upon it by accident and exploited the vamp/gay parallel that CH set up sometimes. So like everything else this season it was force fed upon us and at the end we were supposed to say ‘thank you’… for what I am completely unsure, I suspiciously fear that I’m going to be slaughtered any moment now so they can sell my over expanded liver as foie gras…

    I am mainly left with annoyances, because this season excelled in glorifying abusive relationships. It resuscitated two in Bill/Sookie and Jessica/Hoyt and well Sookie was rather doormatty at the end of season 6 with Alcide (I mean it looked like she didn’t even own her own car anymore). They excused Lettie Mae, which probably pissed me off the most… because they got Tara to do it, who in my mind had every right to cut the woman out of her life.. (who had no remorse for her past actions simply blaming alcohol/demon, sounds familiar anyone *cough*Bill*cough*)

    Then they decided to turn Eric and Pam into cheesy pimps/madam exploiters. I’m not buying that either, Eric hates the limelights and only tolerates that throne because he had to. He seemed genuinely disgusted at the exploits Pam had to sustain in vamp camp that had little to do with her and more with the act… Why the hell would they continue with Fangtasia and take such risks with Sarah Newlin in the most noticeable place. I thought vampires were supposed to be huge gossips… He’s a thousand years old he knows better by now…

    I don’t really care about Brutus, all I could think when I saw the sideburns grow into his beard was ‘he looks like a weird mashup of Bill and Alcide’… and I laughed ridiculously at the entire table of happy couples because in a post HEP-V world it is apparently completely believable that the people with the worst track records in sustaining ‘healthy’ relationships are all still happily in love… (the cynic in me went ‘I’ll give it 6 months tops at the sight of the J/H wedding’). I think Arlene managed the longest relationship pre finale with Terry and I believe that was husband number 3 or 4… although I’m happy if they’re happy but it’s this ridiculous notion of husband+babies = ultimate happiness on this show, which is fine for many shows but TB has always been a weird mix of raunchy sex, killing, gore, supernatural stuffs and a hint of romance…

    But on a more positive note, I am loving the Bill loving fans’ reactions. They all hate Sookie for killing Bill because he was on his way to becoming human and they could finally walk into the sunset together and grow old with babies and crap… the many plot holes in the final season apparently gave them very strong hopes for this and now they all know what it’s like to root for the non-canon couple… they just need to stay the fuck away from fanfiction… or find their own… 😀

    I had predicted before the show aired that Bill was going to demand Sookie to horke out that fairy ball of hers so he could rest in peace because then she would be safe. Yeah a glamourable Sookie sounds real safe to me… she’d be hanging right next to Sarah Newlin in the basement in an instant… So colour me surprised when she said no, although the shovel had pretty much foretold me of her actions ahead of time. Honestly that’s what annoyed me most, TB was always the show I couldn’t predict at what would happen next. That’s what was always good about it, kept me on my toes and had the adrenaline pumping. The last couple of seasons still had some of that quality although it went from OMG to WTF? now it was just blah…

    Sorry got way too lengthy there but fingers refused to stop typing… feel free to remove it I saved myself a copy…


  3. hisviks: Hell no I’m not deleting! That’s exactly the kind of thing this post is for – to let loose & have a bit of a rant. 😀 And I agree with the VAST majority of what you said.

    This final ep smacked more of “desperate plot jumping/have dem wimmens make da babiez” than “let’s give this show some closure”.



  4. It was dripping with misogyny, or at least a hatred of modern independent women. I was reaching for barf bags when Bill requested Andy to rent the house to Jessica and Hoyt. I may not know that much about American Law but I’m pretty sure the estate would go to his grandmother Caroline or be shared with him, Portia, Arlene and baby Mikey but I guess Andy gets to call all the shots among those women… it’s like they all dipped their heads into Bill’s confederate world point of view pool… need to go rinse my mouth out now…


  5. hisviks: OMGodric was it ever!!!!! Sookie just had to be hitched to some bearded manly-man and couldn’t be a “woe-man” unless she used her uterus. Jessica needed to be “spoken for”. And Sam and what’s-her-face had to pop out another one. Even Jason’s wife had to pop out, what, 3 offspring? UGH!!


  6. Oh I missed Sam’s baby number two… do I care? Not really ;). It seems their health care plans weren’t affording them any birth control, it’s probably why we saw no sign of Arlene’s kids because I’m pretty sure they were fulfilling that ‘teen mom’ halloween costume prophecy and they can’t join the grown ups at the big table till they’ve popped out a couple or at least two…


  7. hisviks: Yup, looked like Miss? Mrs? Sam had another baby at the traditional breast at the adult’s table. The kid’s table seemed much too small. With all the vamps at the T’giving table, wonder if Eric gave Sookie a “supe hot-spot” discount?


  8. I’m sure the martyr that Eric seems eternally doomed to be gave her some of that new blood at cost because she probably wouldn’t accept it for free. He’s probably employing that entire town with a factory around the corner just so she can be ‘happy’…Honestly did we really need to see these pictures of mainstreaming parties thrice? The whole concept was a farce… but I guess we needed to honour Bill’s memory even in death… darnit where did I leave those barf bags?


  9. Thanks for that… although I do fear that every time I throw up now I’ll be reminded of barf Bill… thank god I’m not a bulimic…


  10. hisviks: Since they have Beehl’s face on the bottom inside of the bag, I’m using them for cat hack and litter box cleanings, too. Also to contain science experiments like whatever it was that crawled out of the back of my fridge last week.


  11. Excellent this venture could potentially be more successful than New Blood… we could even expand to toilet paper too… Fifty shades of scum all over Bill’s face seems like a much better ending than the show 🙂 although I would be careful with the living organism containment, what if Bill comes back wrong? Like wronger than he already was… if that’s even possible…


  12. I have a different outlook. Surprise, Surprise. I agree that Eric looked like a cheap used car salesman, and Pam his Price is Right showcase girl; the very thing Gus would have done to them. Maybe I saw a different show – it didn’t look to me as if Sarah was being used for sex or being raped as some have suggested, just for her blood. How many times have we heard the Eric Northman character’s opinion of rape? That’s not something his character would ever allow. Pam? Definitely. Maybe that’s why Eric’s in the room, to ensure it doesn’t happen. Sarah being “fang-raped” is something Eric and other vampires would see as vampire justice.

    As for Sookie, in the end she chose free will. She didn’t give up the part of herself Bill wanted and I thought that was fucking great. There was a 3 & 1/2 year time lapse until we saw the Thanksgiving feast. I think we’re supposed to imagine in that time frame Sookie took that time to get it together because she made the choice to live her own life on her terms. So what if she ended up with someone else after that amount of time and she chose to have a child? She looked happy and that’s great. (see my blog for the extended version) It’s not as though she sent Bill to his final death one night – something else that was fucking great but way past due – and then contacted Rent-A-Uterus the next day.

    If everyone’s going to be pissed and bitter because she’s not with Eric, I’m sorry. That was never going to happen. The writing was on the wall (probably literally) for years now. I’m disappointed and I knew I might be. I lost any expectations of greatness for TB long ago and when there were glimmers of it, I was momentarily thrilled. That’s about it.

    So, it’s over. No more waiting to see what they screw up next week or next season. No more bitching and moaning about why things are the way they are on the show. It was a TV show, a really badly written and produced TV show with too many Chiefs and not enough Indians (a poor statement, but an old one). Yet, there were some great moments and I’m going to focus on those instead of being petulant and angry. (No, my dear. I’m not accusing you of this.) The ride was fun at times while it lasted and there were some terrific performances on that show that I will never forget.

    Would I like to see a rewrite? You know I would… (leaving you with an Eric smirk upon my face)

    Thank God for fanfic. 🙂


  13. msbuffy: I’ve read where several people were saying something about Sarah being pimped out for sex, but I didn’t see that – I just saw Pam acting like a silly madamn hawking Sarah’s blood out like a pimp. I didn’t like how they obviously disrespected Pam by retro-ing her TB character back to her being her old Madam self again. It’s like she never grew or developed as a character.

    Other than Eric still being alive/not enslaved and Bill dying, Sookie choosing to not give up her light for Bill was the only other part of the show that I liked, honestly. She chose to retain the fairy part of herself – finally.

    I thought the rest of it was unmitigated putrid shit.

    And no, I don’t think ANYONE held out actual hope of an E/S reunion.


  14. I hate this laptop. It keeps undoing my comments right in the middle and I have to start over.

    I’ve seen the finale twice now; once alone, and then with my husband. The second time was last evening after having read a few posts from yesterday with the comments about Eric & Pam pimping out Sarah for actual rape and then the blood, etc. I didn’t say anything to my husband. I asked him this morning and he said he saw nothing like that & would’ve pissed off if he had. He would’ve left the room. Some of these terrible comments have been made by posters who didn’t even watch the finale, let alone the entire season. Baseless accusations piss me off like nothing else. How is it that one is able to make such statements without having watched something? How do you form an opinion without watching, reading, or doing? I can’t review a book if I haven’t read it! For those who haven’t seen the finale but feel the need to express their opinion of it, or post “their review” of it, all I can think of is one of my childhood lessons. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. I’ll extend this to say, especially if you are specifically uninformed.

    Dear God, I’m digressing to the point of boorish, lecturing old woman. I apologize.

    I agree with you about TB Pam. Her character was never given any growth. That’s a shame because the book character is delightful and undergoes great character development. I must give credit where it’s due to Mrs. Harris.

    It does seem as if we agree on the MAIN characters whom I wish had been the focus of the finale. One would think… Nah, it’s TB. Let’s focus on those side stories!

    I could have cared less about those. In fact, I won’t remember them by the end of the week; the benefit of having a deteriorating memory. “Unmitigated putrid shit,” is a lovely and fitting way to describe anything not relating to Sookie, Eric, and Bill.

    I would hope that there were those realistic enough to not be holding out hope for an E/S reunion. The cynic in me doubts it.

    Please accept the apologies of this cranky old woman today! As always, I love and value your views, rants, opinions, and thoughts. 🙂

    Have a great morning!


  15. msbuffy: Hey, digressions are fun – digress away!!

    Yeah, people like that are just trying to stir trouble. Eric is not now nor has he ever been a sex pimp. Pam? Yes. Eric? No. He’s just a blood pimp… 😉

    I really liked BookPam – she started out cool and GREW even better. I think she and Eric may have been the only characters TO have much emotional growth.

    And that whole “Martyr Bill” interfering w/ Jessica and Hoyt’s creepy ‘relationship’/wedding crapfest? Yeah, like we needed to go THAT route – like we needed to waste precious finale time on… JESSICA and…. HOYT???
    Not only would I have preferred watching grass grow, but damn. I have nothing really against Jessica and Hoyt, but I really couldn’t care less about them, either, and that time could have been SO much better spent on, oh, I dunno…ERIC???


    Oh, I love hearing, well, ok, READING your opinions!!! Rant/talk/digress away!! 😀


  16. Have to agree. Damn near an hour of Jessica & Hoyt, Jason & what’s her name, and others. No Lafayette? Willa (only at the ending feast)? Even, dare I say…Arlene? W T F? Give me 15 – 20 minutes of them, an extended time with Lafayette (and a gracious thank you to Alan Ball for not killing off his character at the end of Season 1), and the rest with Sookie, Eric, and Beehl; even with the way it all went down…except for that cheesy used car salesman commercial and Price Is Right Pam. Just…no. Now that was nightmare-inducing!

    However, I could watch Sookie stake Beehl over & over again and, instead of the “I love you” crap, I’d overdub it with “You motherfuckin’ monster” from last season.

    Now that seems fittin’, don’t it? 🙂


  17. msbuffy: YES!!!

    I’d have appreciated MUCH more if Beehl had just asked Hoyt what his intentions toward Jess were, and went from there to a 5 minute wedding, but noooo, it was All About Beehl and some minor characters…ugh.

    The only 3 things Ballsack did right: Didn’t kill Lala, gave us Godric, and didn’t kill Eric.

    And I love your dubbing…


  18. We’ve got to give Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball a great deal of credit, regardless of any personal feelings we carry. They both gave all of us these wonderful characters to love for as long as we choose. I’ll always love Sookie, Eric, Lafayette, Pam, and I even love hating Bill. It’s all in fun. Soon someone else with come up with an entirely new universe and we’ll all wander out of this fandom eventually. I’ll always love it though!

    Peace! 🙂

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  19. Hi :). It’s all still settling with me. I need to see it again, and probably a few more times until it becomes like white noise to me and my mind can see through the sludge and into the cracks, in through the cracks.

    I feel like you. I can’t believe it’s over. I can’t process the crappy ending, yet. I am still at the part where this is over.

    I only found this a little over a year ago. It can’t be over yet. Denial is the first stage of grief, right? I am grieving. I just lost a friend that I loved very much. His name was Eric Northman. I am so lucky I found him at all, and I will talk of him around the fire late at night for years to come.

    And I will love him and miss him everyday until time and age rob me of my memories.

    Thank you, all of you for letting me talk about him like this and in my stories. Sharing keeps him alive. In a real way it keeps me (the writer in me) alive as well.

    Blessings to you all.


  20. msbuffy: I hope it wasn’t my little rant that called Eric and Pam an exploitive pimp/madam didn’t have you thinking that I meant it in a sexual way. I meant it solely in an unwilling blood whore type of way. The image of a very ‘blonde’ Sarah Newlin in a ‘white’ dress disturbed me mostly of how it framed Eric and Pam. That would have been Sookie’s fate with Sophie Anne so in my mind TB just went ‘they’re the same now’- vampires with absolutely no morals. AS put a shit ton of complexity into his character to disprove just that but with that once scene it seemed shattered as his and Pam’s characters were basically reset to the beginning. I have even been told that they recycled the shot of Eric on his throne from season 3. Eric and Pam’s storyline just seemed to disjointed from the rest. Honestly I think it would have been ‘nice’ if he and Pam showed up with an expensive bottle of red (Rhone Valley of course) and a crate of New Blood as dinner guests at the table because Eric always remained a great ally to Sookie even after rejecting him as a permanent lover, why would that have changed?

    Like you I was damn proud of Sookie for making a decision of standing on her own. It’s what I appreciated (the only thing I might add) in the last book and it was unfortunate that it got completely overshadowed by the Sam coupling. Random new love of her life is, I am afraid, getting that same reaction. Like I said I’m happy if they’re happy I just don’t think it should have been the main materialisation of the season finale of this show. Yes it’s totally hypocritical of me to say so because 99.9% of fanfics ends with Sookie married/blood bound with some sort of baby/dog/cat/adopted child with Eric but those stories are pretty much set up as such from the beginning. I was expecting a little more on the ending front, even when my expectations were already extremely low.

    What should that ending have been? I don’t know, not an E/S HEA that’s for sure. The past season(s) made it pretty clear that would never be in the cards. Honestly I think that was a good decision, it wouldn’t have made sense anymore and left too many things unanswered in the end. The complexity of their relationship needs more time than they had. I just wished the writers had taken a little more time to think of something worthy to the beginnings of the show instead of looking for their next place of employment.

    It shouldn’t surprise you that I think there should have been a little bit more death in the final season, it was the main underlying theme of the show alongside the concept of control and free will. There should have been an acknowledgment of grief, and how that shapes your character. I don’t remember much from Buffy the Vampire Slayer but the episode that deals with the sudden death of Buffy’s mom still haunts me for the way it handled that. It’s the kind of thing that clears the deck in a story and sets up character growth but instead it feels like we got nowhere from beginning to end on most character fronts. That’s the biggest shame because that’s where the show always excelled, be it in the main characters or the side ones, the chartering of those arcs kept it interesting when plot was lacking…

    *sigh* wordsy much? yeah sorry, I need to go check myself into Ranters Anonymous…


  21. I was so proud of Sookie for choosing herself at long last and not using her light ball but then the time-jump had to happen. Sookie ended up in exactly the same place as her novel counterpart sans seal sexing Sam! It was too Disney of an ending for me bar Sarah Newlins’ fate which I found disturbing as well as Pam returning to her roots as a madame.
    It seems Buckner really hates women because the overwhelming message I got after Sookie accepted herself was that women need babies/motherhood to be complete. Sookie becoming a mother felt like she was fulfilling Bills’ desires and not her own because we never saw her long for a baby. It was bullcrap. Not forgetting the absolute assassination of Erics’ character in which he becomes a shoddy QVC New Blood salesperson and also ends up right back where he was at the beginning – unfeeling, looking miserable on the throne keeping humans prisoner in the basement. Pam becoming a madame again even though she hated that life. All for the sake of Bills’ supposed redemption to make all vamps look bad and Bill “human”. I am still hoping that Eric is secretly protecting Sookies’ family even though it hurts him as it would prove he hasn’t completely lost all character development.
    On the plus side Bill finally died. He should have died once he drank Lilliths blood in season 5 and then we wouldn’t have had the nonsense that was the last 2 seasons. They didn’t have the balls to make him a full on villain when he was Billith and instead they wiped away the previous season because Lilliths’ blood was drained from him.
    As far as I am concerned the finale ending once Bill was staked with Sookie walking away from the coffin and instead of Thank you have something like I will survive or something empowering playing. I prefer to think of her with her future wide open, leaving Bon Temps and perhaps meeting someone on her travels..It’s just a shame that they had to go the Charlaine Harris route which implies you must conform because you ain’t nobody until you have kids.


  22. Like I said before the finale aired… I’d like to order a lobotomy to go! 😉 And yes I do want fries with that! I understand being worn down here in the fic world – I get like that too – I get meh about it all the time – it’s actually good to see I’m not the only one. But i’m sure everyone will be happier with you around! 🙂 What would be sad about letting it all go, would be to lose touch with the wonderful people I met when I got into the stuff.


  23. If there’s a Ranter’s Anonymous, I’ll be there too!

    “Hello, my name is msbuffy and I’m a ranter. I’m powerless in ceasing, so that’s what brings me to this room.”

    I’ve been to a meeting or two, obviously.

    No, it was not your rant! I found your comments insightful as always, my friend. Besides which, I would have contacted you on your blog if I had something to say about them. You & I have had some great conversations over these last few months and I would never have a problem discussing it with you, just like I had no problem discussing it with meridian.

    I agree with what you say about how things were handled on BtVS, but that was the great Joss Whedon. He stands alone as far as I’m concerned in the way he wrote, produced, and developed that show. It’s probably one of the reasons you can still find it in syndication to this day.

    How should TB have ended? That’s a great question, and certainly not one I can answer. I love your idea of Pam & Eric joining the Thanksgiving feast and bringing the bottle of red, although white goes better with turkey; being vamps they might not know. Maybe they would bring quite a few bottles! Of course, it would have to be a sundown celebration! It’s a great idea for a story though…


  24. The internet is a strange place, sometimes words are misinterpreted so I was just checking to be sure. You’re welcome to complain over on my blog any day, speaking of which I know you’re busy with the dream team contest but I was curious what you thought of the final two chapters of It’s Already Gone… I was missing my usual verbal sparring partner in the comment section 😉

    I went with red because it’s Eric’s favourite colour and those bottles are way pricier and he can afford to spend it like an oligarch now… plus I assume the only nice thing with a deep fried turkey is probably beer, but as you know I’m a terrible alcohol connoisseur and try to stay away from the stuff in my saner moments…

    yeah I get the hint on the ‘great story idea’… just put me back to work why don’t you ;)… the good thing, well and the worst thing, about the open endedness of the TB finale was that it’s an easy fix. I’m thinking of just describing an added bonus scene everytime I put up an announcement post when another chapter is up. It’s pretty easy to come up with concepts it’s the follow through that matters and to me that’s where the show failed to deliver in the end… and now I really need to start researching one of those Betty Ford type clinics as evil fingers refuse to stop typing away…


  25. LOL! Betty Ford-type clinics for fanfic writers! I wonder if they have another wing for the readers? I actually didn’t know those chapters were up, but I will get to them asap. I’ve got friends calling from the old TB Wiki to discuss the finale so when I get off the phone, I’m trying to catch up on ff reading & my own work! Then there’s the usual family bullshit…I swear there’s a full moon because they’re all at it again. God Bless my husband. He’ll answer the phone & tell them that the “therapist” is out or to go find their own therapists! I just love that man!

    I promise to get them sometime tomorrow after I edit some chapters for Her Majesty, The Queen of Area 5!


  26. No worries they’ll still be there when you get to them. Oh and thank the people from the TB Wiki it was really useful in shaping It’s Already Gone and now I realise I never acknowledged that anywhere, will have to fix that too… and if anyone’s ever in need of a therapist you can always refer them to Dr Ludwig… although her rates are extortionate 😉

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  27. morggys: *hands over bag of hot, salty, crispy fries* I know what you mean, and I also know what you mean – I’ve met some of the nicest people here in the fic world, and it’d be a shame to lose touch with them. *orders fresh lobotomy jic the first one didn’t help* 😀

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  28. idream3223: Eric Northman is so much larger than life that even if he WERE real, he’ll never really fade. We’ll always have the books (up through about book 8, at least); we’ll always have the show (at least through the 4th Season, lol), and of course we’ll always have fanfics (been trying to download my faves for about a year now). See also: TARZAN!!! 😀

    Hugs and ❤


  29. maithanroisin: Ohhh yeah, the misogynists at HBO were EXCRUCIATINGLY full of, well, BILLcrap. Apparently they actually believe that all women want to either pop out kids or be a cheap over-glamoured sex-starved nitwit like Ginger.

    But now isn’t the “blend in, don’t be different” message so…empowering??? Ugh.

    If they were dam’d and determined to keep Sookie and Eric apart, then wouldn’t it have been a better ending to show Sookie staking Bill, then going home, showering, then packing and just leaving Bon Temps? Much better.

    And I really didn’t need to see Eric fucking Northman becoming a used-blood salesman. Urf.


  30. That’s a great idea! My hubby will love that one. LOL! Dr. Ludwig for therapy…great bedside manner! Haven’t been on the TB Wiki, but if I go one there, I’ll be sure to let them know!


  31. I didn’t watch but I did follow on Twitter and Tumblr where you can find a fuller review but I’m meh about it really.
    There was so much hype that it was really actually kind of anticlimactic for me
    We all got what we wanted, even it if wasn’t the WAY we wanted, when Bill the Whiner was ended.
    Sookie got what she wanted: a so called ‘normal’ life in a bigoted town where she was never truly welcomed.
    Pam got what she wanted: Eric’s undivided attention
    Eric didn’t get what he wanted but he is content, I think, that Sookie got what she wanted.
    Jason grew up I guess.
    Andy got the inheritance.
    Jess got the guy and so did Lala.
    The mistake that was Vampire Tara was ended (what I wanted was for her not to be turned in the first place).
    Jason’s vamp girlfriend was ended, freeing him for Bridgette.
    What I don’t like is that rather than turn Sarah over to the authorities, or simply end her, they’re using her as a blood and sex whore.
    That ^^^^^^ right there is how the whole TB thing has gone in my eyes though. They haven’t followed through on the tough plot lines (neither did Ch either though) like rape, near rape, kidnapping, near draining, etc. The rapes, especially, should have been followed through on to show a stance against violence against women but they didn’t.
    So, are we going to switch to Outlanders now? I finally managed to lay hands on a physical copy and read the synopsis and I’m intrigued. Or maybe Dr. Who?


  32. tj6james6: You’re so right – there was all this hype and build up then BAM – it was over…

    Beehl got to whine, so, ugh, there was that.

    (I don’t really see that Pam’s pimping Sarah out for sex, but I would rather they had taken a large quantity of her blood for the brilliant Swedish scientists to synthesize a fake version of it that held a cure, then glamoured Sarah into turning herself in, that is, IF the cops would have even taken her.)

    I can’t get into Outlander since I’m against misogyny and domestic violence, and sadly I’ve never been into The Doctor. I’ll probably just go back to rereading the Black Dagger Brotherhood after the TB shock wears off. I just keep seeing Eric’s sad, bored face as he sits on that throne. 😦

    I just hope other writers aren’t as uninspired about TB/SVM as I am now.


  33. Are you reading California Cat’s Life From Death? It takes over from Beeh’ls ‘request’ that Eric talk to Sookie for him and is really, really good. Not like her stuff isn’t always good any way…


  34. tj6james6: Not yet, but it’s DEFINITELY on my to-read list because you’re right: EVERYTHING vampy that woman writes is brilliant – even the angsty stories that i refuse to read again because I’m an anti-angst baby from way back!!!

    I’m weird – I wait until a writer finishes up one story/series before I get involved in their newer ventures that they started while still writing the older one/s. So, when she finishes Uncharted, I’ll definitely be checking out Life From Death.

    I love her imagination and the power in her words.


  35. I do too. I wish I had the willpower to not read her works until they were finished *sigh* but I don’t. I’d rather deal with my own frustration than miss a word of what she’s saying as it’s published.
    Enduring, Salt Water….I like the shorter works better than the longer ones but I think that’s because the angst is more short lived and not quite as intense.


  36. tj6james6: I’m like a pouty 3-yr-old when it comes to a writer starting a new story before finishing up their old ones (yeah, yeah, I know, huge pot/kettle thing I do, too…).

    I’ll pout and sulk and stub up and refuse to read their new stories until their old ones are finished, but naturally I’ll get over myself at some point and fall happy victim to curiosity.

    (It’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine when writers seem to “forget” their old stories for months and months and months on end! I detest getting sucked into a story and then suddenly the writer acts as if they’ve forgotten ever having started it…)

    That’s why I TRY to only read completed stories, but then I feel that’s unfair to current writers who may be needing the reassurance of positive reviews…oi! And of course when my favorite writers start something, that old curiosity drags me in kicking and screaming…ok, more like smoking my cigs and drinking my coffee, but you get the gist…


  37. I d0 🙂
    On that note: have you read kardamon over on ffn?
    She’s got some REALLY unique ideas which haven’t been covered, even story lines which have been dragged through the mud a thousand times.
    She just finished With Benefits not too long ago (Sookie discovers Bill’s treachery on her own. Guess who she goes to as pay back?”
    and she’s translating on of her Polish stories to English–Forget Me Not. Eric remembers everything when the curse is lifted. Sookie, not so much.
    She does have one WIP but it’s in Polish so will be waiting until it’s done before she translates that one.
    Give her a try if you haven’t already.

    Liked by 1 person

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