The Very Last ‘True Blood’ Episode Recap That You Will Ever Read: ‘Thank You’


True Blood end

Series finales are a tricky, almost always unforgiving and thankless pitfall of the television industry. Rarely do you hear fans compliment the final episodes of their favorite shows, unless it’s a long way down the road and they’re only saying it after years of the contrary (looking at us, fellow Seinfeld fans). Even some of my friends who loved 30 Rock, the greatest show in TV history, as much as I did (and still do, as we pretend that it’s only taking the longest break ever between seasons) thought that the second to last episode would have been better as the finale, and the actual final episode was just overkill (even though they’re wrong and the ending was perfect). Hell, I still remember sitting with two friends who worshipped The Sopranos and watching in fear as I thought they were going to set the television on fire when the…

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2 thoughts on “The Very Last ‘True Blood’ Episode Recap That You Will Ever Read: ‘Thank You’

  1. worst ending ever…Pam and Eric ending disgusted me!! Okay so all they want is money right even if it means making it off of diseased vampires and off of Sarah( yes she’s evil but I still think that Eric and Pam are way too smart to act like that) In other words Eric’s a “pimp” and Pam is a “madam” again like in her human days…Bill died a martyr because as we all know he’s such a “good” vamp..The only thing good about this finale is that Sookie didn’t give up her “light” even though all she wanted was a normal life with a bearded random nameless guy…. The marrige between Jessica and Hoyt reminded me about Terry’s funeral last year..too long and too boring!! Honestly their reunion is so fucking off..and I hated so many other things but right now I’m so pissed I can’t see straight..Take care Thanks for your wonderful stories BTW…


  2. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: Thank you, and I agree with a LOT of what you said. And while Hoyt/Jessica were a cute couple at one time, now they’re just…creepy, and the show did NOT need to waste precious last-ep screen time on them.


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