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As you may have heard, the so-called “writer” Alexandra Anthony stole our fellow fic-writer ficlit78’s and published it for profit. Many of us have left various and assorted ‘reviews’ regarding this thievery on I’m reblogging Kittyinaz’s post, and to keep from flooding your inbox, I’m attaching mine to this “pre-blog commentary”:

I’m absolutely flabbergasted! How in the world could someone steal someone else’s work and publish it as their own? Inevitably SOME ideas will just happen to coincide with others, but to lift whole, complete passages? That’s just…thievery, pure and plain. An apology just won’t cut it, I’m afraid. We fic writers (I’m Mer, btw) work our collective and individual butts off to create, write, proof and publish something worthy of not only our time but of our readers, too. We stay up late, get up early, buy many different thesauruses (well, I did…), and are absolutely prepared to shed blood, sweat, and tears to crank out something worth reading.

We do not do this for for some asinine, two-bit fake “writer” to come along and steal our works.

I would like to believe that this extraordinarily stupid and crass thievery by this Anthony person was beneath them, but I am having a very hard time believing this to be true. Bluntly, the kind of person who would do this is incomprehensible to me. I certainly hope they’re not my neighbor because I have to wonder if they’d steal gas out of my cars, too!

No, this person needs to not ONLY immediately and permanently halt the sale of ANY of “her” books, but she also needs to voluntarily forward to Heather any earnings she might have gained as well. Her abject and provable plagiarism automatically negates any contracts she might have made on these works which implies that even more prosecution should come her way. I highly suggest that Heather contact an attorney and pursue this case. Theft of ideas is a very serious, very harmful, very HEARTBREAKING violation of not only rights, but of heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and the joy of creating one’s own works.
Feel free to go to and leave your own thoughts regarding this bullshit. Reviews left on her books have been magically disappearing, so many of us have turned to this link:


I left the following review on Amazon on the Thief known as Alexandra Anthony’s Fated.  I wonder how long until it is gone………..

Stealing another’s work is wrong.  There are even laws against it amazingly enough.  to be frank, how would you like to build a house from the ground up, spilling your blood into the dirt, your tears into the foundation and so forth.  Only when it is done, you are ready to move in and then someone pushes you out of the way saying it was sold to you by someone you didn’t even know?  Pissed wouldn’t you be?  Going to get your rights and showing you own something.  Wanting if nothing else the profit someone made on your stuff??

So how is someone’s time and sweat, sleepness nights and the burning of your eyes as you type your story up.  The time you poured into making a…

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