Review for Fly me to the Moon & Other stories by Meridian

Another and, sadly, the last set of reviews from Kittyinaz with The Non-Canon Awards of my stories. This time she focuses on ‘the shorts’ – 4 short stories, 3 of which are slowly expanding (Fly Me to the Moon, To Dream Again, and True Suck) and one I’ve been offered cold, hard cash to NOT expand: Slippy Slappy Seal Sex… *evil giggle* THANK YOU WENDY!!!

The Non-Canon Awards

This is the last one.  All these are short, and so I only thought it was fair to do them all at once.

Name of Story: Fly Me To The Moon

Fandom: TB/SVM

Author: Meridian


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): A short one-shot for Gyllene in response to the fuckery that was True Blood S7, E2 with this picture as prompt:



*****Spoilers Below for the TB Episode 7-02. Read at your discretion!*****

Gyllene (and the rest of us) were upset with the ending of Episode 2. So she asked for something to help.

Meridian answered her plea with the one shot that is this Review.

This is her version of what the picture could represent, and let me tell you, for a short one shot, it is filled with emotions, and you go through the gauntlet with her. It ends on a very…

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