Heh, Alternate Ending for True Suck

Yeah, so, I was just chatting with some friends and I came up with this idea:

aTrue Suck

Feel free to add your own preferred TS ending…


11 thoughts on “Heh, Alternate Ending for True Suck

  1. They’ve screwed it up soooooooooooo badly that there really is no redeeming it.
    It’s too late to save the show so: Sookie is once again abducted (Yeah, I know, cliche but CH did so why can’t I?) by the FoTS and, similar to what the AVL used on Eric and BIll, has a bomb strapped to her body which cannot be removed without risk of premature death.
    She is dropped off in the center of things where there’s yet another huge gathering of vampire and humans. She shows them she’s booby-trapped and BOOM! Everyone dies.
    Saving grace: Eric and Pam were fashionably late. Eric can grieve the Sookie who never was and Pam gets Eric all to herself again so she can continue to be a jealous twat every time he looks at another woman.
    Odds are even though that the ending will either have TB be Sookie’s dream after she meets the new human neighbor who just happens to be a descendant of Bill Compton OR they just bomb the whole damn thing a la Little House on the Prairie.


  2. tj6james6: You’re so right – anything they could do now even if they DID try to pull the show out of the cesspool would be too little/too late OR would just be jumping even more sharks.

    Pam’s jealousy annoyed me to no end. If her character had been so peevish, she could really have helped Sookie figure out some of that “vampire shit” and helped her get her ass on straight (she never did think with her head)…

    Heh, be funny if it WERE all a dream, and she wakes up and VAMPIRE ERIC is her neighbor!!


  3. I much prefer book Pam to TB Pam. I suppose it was too difficult to find a ‘deadly’ Alice from Alice in Wonderland and I would have loved it if they had gotten along. I might have even watched past season 4 (fav book AND TV btw).
    I haven’t really watched/read any spoilers for upcoming episodes but something’s telling me they’re gonna blow the whole shebang and say to hell with ’em!
    There are very few I actually want to see survive the series. Eric, Pam (IF she can get her head out of his ass), Lala (was SO happy they kept him, one of the few RIGHT things they did IMNSHO), Jason and bring back Godric. That’s IT! The rest is just a backdrop to the above 5 as far as I’m concerned.
    You may notice I didn’t include Stoopie (Stupid Sookie, wish I could take the credit for that one). She’s gotten supider as the series continued and she’s not showing any signs of getting her head out of Compton’s ass any time soon.
    At least in the books she did get smarter, for the most part, until the last 3 or 4 books when ‘she who shall not be named’ made her retrogress *sigh*.
    Even if she didn’t end up with Eric if she had kept the wisdom she gained from her experiences in the other books I don’t think a lot of the fans would have been in such an uproar over how the series ended, just like we wouldn’t be so upset with TB if she had gotten smarter as the show progressed.


  4. Yeah, Pam’s jealousy really turned me off her character, and I lost any respect I used to have for TB when they killed off Godric.

    Heh, so you like my “Stoopie”? That’s just so…her, to me. The books made her brain a yo-yo – stupid, smart, stupider, smarter, then…till whatever the hell all that was in the last couple books when her stupid exploded all over the place. Show? *pfft* That button was stuck on stupid the whole time.

    Me? I’d save and/or bring back Godric, Eric, a less-obsessed-with-Eric Pam, Lala, Jesus, REAL James from last season, and…um…ah…lemme think…Stan, b/c he was just too funny….Jason, cause he’s just too dumb for it to even be fair to die. I’d suggest saving Sookie, but since she’d probably die if her head were extracted from Bill’s ass…..


  5. lmao! I think she would explode if she EVER stopped and thought about what she was about to do instead of running off and doing it any way *sigh*
    I want to keep Jason because despite the fact he’s written/shown as a dimwitted redneck I think he’s the brains of the outfit :D, Victoria notwithstanding.
    I really did like Jesus but, and since I haven’t seen the last few seasons I don’t know what’s what, I think Lala deserves someone who can get him away from Temps Impropre (Misnomer Times translated to the French, lol. Sounds better in French, yes?).
    If they had kept Tara in NOLA she would have been a much better human being.


  6. tj6james6: Jason has an innate intelligence that Sookie certainly lacks. There were several times when it seemed like the show (back when it was still a show…) was making fun of Sookie for being so damn dumb by showing “dumb” Jason being brighter than she was.


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