Happy Independence Day!



Yes, it is the 4th of July.  Yeah for America and Yeah for us declaring our Independence today!!  Love it!! Truly!!

But Marty and I went to the gym, (and he showed me why I was gaining muscle so fast… seems I was an idiot and did the same exercises over and over and over… yeah.  Idiot.) and we watched all the cars heading to Galveston Island.  A LOT of cars.

My hubs and I decided that we would stay home.  Part of the reason?  Independence Day is a large part of his family’s celebrations, and we lost a huge member of that family.  This year is just not feeling right knowing that Russ is not with us.  So there is not as much fun to be had, and since we are the only Brandiburs here in Houston…yeah.

Later, Marty ran out of deodorant, so we went to Target, and…

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One thought on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Hey, get your self checked. I used to have the same problem with sun screen, then I found out I was allergic to some of the ingredients. It may sound weird but most of my family is like this. I don’t wear sun screen any more and I don’t burn as much, crazy as it sounds. And I agree with you, we should thank the service men and women who protect our freedom. I know I’ll be thanking everyone I see no matter if it’s a holiday.


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