Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 2 is up!

Once upon a time, this really was a one-shot.  Then along came the lovely and talented  Kittyinaz  who did a review of this story for her  Non-Canon Awards site reviews.  Since new readers might wander over to check out this story, I wisely decided ti give it a once-over and, well, now there are two chapters with good potential for, um, more…

Therefore, Chapter 2 of Sookie Takes Charge is brought to you by:  Kittyinaz.  😉

Sookie in shackles




6 thoughts on “Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 2 is up!

  1. Read both chapters & I LOVE IT!! Keep writing this one! Well, at least until she beats the snot out of Bill and turns him into a vampie (like the equivalent of a mudpie, but much gooier & gorier!).


  2. eaaustin85: 😀 Thank you!! I love a smarter, more self-assured Sookie…Eric, however, may have a harder time… *evil grin* Thank you for reading!


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