Review for The Revealing of Andre by Meridian

Awesome review of The Revealing of Andre by Kittyinaz for The Non-Canon Awards…and if ANYTHING could be considered “non-canon” it would be my Andre story… Thank you Kittyinaz!! 😀

The Non-Canon Awards

Here is the first post of my Review series featuring Meridian.  This is one of those stories you end up reading and thump the screen, refresh and even go looking if she forgot to put the next button in it.

the Revealing of Andre

Name of Story: The Revealing of Andre

Fandom: SVM

Author: Meridian

Site: (Click the Banner above to go to the site)

Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Andre/OC (Emma)

Description (Authors): Andre Paul, child of Sophie-Anne LeClerq, had a “distinct” reputation: fierce, vicious, cruel and conniving.  But…was that ALL there was to him?  Emma may find out for herself. (*Rated M…this IS vampire fanfic, ya know…) Non-canon, AU, OC

Review: While this is not the first one I have read of hers, it is one of the ones I love dearly. It is on an uncommon character that until I read this, I had not seen as a…

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8 thoughts on “Review for The Revealing of Andre by Meridian

  1. Awesome review! Now are you done with this yet? It’s too good to read and stop…I want to read it all, sort of like not just a spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s NY Deli Brownie, but the whole damn pint!


  2. msbuffy: I think there are maybe 5? chapters left, but that is a guess at best since my muse won’t give me specifics, lol. And, I don’t blame you a bit – I’d MUCH rather start a completed fic than be left hanging waiting on more chapters, too. 😀


  3. Who ever knows about their fickle muse? Mine went away years ago and the bitch shows no signs of returning. She only left me with sarcasm, and the ability to write business letters & treatment plans so it’s good to be retired. I DO read WIP, however, I just want to read your spectacular Andre story in one sitting. It’s THAT great. I plan to devour it all of it cause I’m greedy like that! 🙂 No sarcasm at all.


  4. msbuffy: Mine is usually easily bribed with coffee and donuts…maybe try that?? 😀 (Hey, you could dip your toes back into the writing water by writing a snarky Sookie working somewhere and writing up treatment plans!)

    Also: thanks! 😀 😀 And, just as a (strong) hint, after I finish up Andre, *then* I can get started on Anticipating 2…


  5. Hmm…Anticipating 2? I love that idea! My muse left with brain cells that were permanently damaged when I had my first grand mal seizure 15 years ago. I’d love to dip my toes my in again, but that part is gone for good, so now I just edit, and write book reviews! I’ve read some spectacular books over the last few years, and a few duds. I have to “say” nice things though, and that allows creativity & snark! LOL!


  6. msbuffy: I’m sorry to hear that, honey – that must have been an horrendous shock straight from out of the blue, too. 😦

    But you know what style is, right? It’s all in how you turn that phrase… 😉


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