YOU are the BEST – THANK YOU SO MUCH! **7**

The results of the You Want Blood… the TB/SVM Fanfic Awards are in, and I STILL can’t believe it but… **7** REALLY IS THE MAGIC NUMBER!!!  

Here – see?

*moving words and stuff at the bottom of this page after ALL THESE GORGEOUS BANNERS (by Gyllene , btw)

1 slippy-happy-seal-sex-meridian-hit-me-with-your-best-shot-2nd-place

2 decisions-cara-meridian-who-the-hell-are-you-award-3rd-place

3 valentines-night-meridian-best-of-both-worlds-1st-place

4 valentines-night-meridian-pins-and-needles-1st-place

5 decisions-meridian-the-maker-award-2nd-place

6 anticipating-meridian-the-maker-award-3rd-place

7 meridian-eagle-eye-award-2nd-place

I want to sincerely thank every one of you fuckawesome people who voted for me – I truly appreciate it.

There have been quite a few times recently when I’ve come “this” close to shoving this whole fic-mess in the virtual trash and walking away – either I’m just too stressed for time, or a chapter I’m writing is being recalcitrant and won’t come out the way I want it to, or I catch my words in someone else’s story (again), or something stupid will happen like, say, a reader not taking a serious chapter…seriously.  (Yeah, I know that last one is stupid, but I feel full of fail when that kind of thing happens – I feel as though I haven’t gotten my point across because I chose a wrong word or something.)

But then something good happens… I’ll get an awesome, thoughtful review on one of my sites (seriously, I’m even blessed with fantastic GUEST reviews over on FF!), or someone in my Facebook group will be especially supportive, or Wendy will leave a great comment on one of my chapters (SQUEEE! – pardon the fan-girl moment) … … … OR I’LL WIN ***7*** AWARDS IN ONE FELL SWOOP!!!  Talk about makin’ my day!!!

One last thing before I go:  Click the Award link then scroll down the page that magically appears to see an awesome Tribute and Lifetime Achievement Award for the incomparable – and painfully  missed – EricIzMine. 

There is an awesome gif’y banner, and 4padfoot compiled a truly awesome video in her honor.  Both are highly worth the visit, and so is Kittyinaz’s Tribute to Angela.

(In case you missed it, my own tribute is here – feel free to visit and comment.)

AGAIN:  Seriously, thank you for your support.  I really needed this right now, and It means the world to me.

*And yes, I’m still HAPPY CHAIR DANCING!!!*  ❤








6 thoughts on “YOU are the BEST – THANK YOU SO MUCH! **7**

  1. You more than deserve it, and hell I fan girl squee when I realize that I scored a fuckawesome beta as mine!!! You deserve all the accolades. And many many more!!

    Now…. Don’t E V E R tell me that Valentines is not good. I will just your attention back to this.


  2. Congrats baby! I had my role in your winning since I voted for my favorite beta all over the place. hehe you rock and this is proof!


  3. Gabriela: Thank you, gorgeous – YOU rock!!!!! Me? I’m still in shock I think!!! Now I have to finish up Valentine’s Night…yeah…no pressure… 😉


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