Ok so this happened…

Odd things happen to me with interesting frequency, but I don’t usually share them because they’re either TOO odd, or would only be of interest to me.

So, yeah, anyway… I hate buying groceries, right?  It’s boring, mundane, annoying, and that just applies to all the breathers involved.  (For some reason little old men *ADORE* me and will follow me around the store trying to carry on conversations and patting my arm to a creep factor of +4…)

I am also a coupon whore – I’m more than willing to spread my shapely fingers for a good coupon.  (Yeah, I know, a couponer who hates shopping…go figure…)

Relevant fact:  In my area there is a grocery store that does a “double coupon up to .99 cents week” about once a month.

That’s ‘this’ week, so I got all happy going through my coupon box being all “this one, this one, not that one, well that fucker expired, this one” until I got my little pile of coupons ready.  Then I got my big little list made up, my li’l coupon pile gathered and paper-clipped…hopped in the go-mobile and arrived intact (always a good thing) at said store.

I piddled, salsa’d, and twirled my way around the store (hey, it beats stomping and glaring which is always Option #2…), tossed the lovely crap I’m buying into the appropriate cart (mine), and eventually voyaged onward to the highway robbery lane check-out lane.

So I was standing there all innocent looking with my neatly-clipped coupon pile resting on the always-too-small check writing area, purse open in the top part of the cart, handy-dandy debit card all handy-dandy and shit… when this older woman tapped on my shoulder and “psst”ed at me – really, she did – she went “psst” and everything!

Me:  “Ma’am?”

She:  motioned me over to her (VERY nearby) cart full of bags from where she’d already paid

Me:  I walked the two steps needed toward her with my purse closed up in my hand (yeah, like I’m gonna trust an old lady THAT much…) and I just KNEW I had a WTF look on my face.  “What’s up?”

She:  dug in her open purse till she brought up her wallet which she proceeded to open to reveal several coupons tucked in a slot where a credit card is supposed to go…she withdrew a coupon then leans over toward me to whisper conspiratorially, “I’ll sell you this $5-off store coupon for $1 if you want it.”

Me:  with most likely an even bigger WTF look on my face, “Huh?”

She:  “I’d be glad to give it to you but *insert something about son/daughter/something in-law/divorce something”

Me:  (to myself:  give the woman a dollar and maybe she’ll be all happy and go away…dig in purse…magic dollar appears…)  “Ok, thank you!  Here ya go!” <–fake but totally believable enthusiasm/gratitude.

(I may be a somewhat ill-tempered ass but I can be a NICE ass, dammit, especially to old ladies!)

She handed me the (surprisingly valid) store coupon, took her dollar, and left (hopefully happily).

I return to the miniature check-writing shelf to discover that the emotionless cashier had gotten through with all the grocery items and had started scanning the coupons.  I plopped the coupon from the old lady down, and shrugged my shoulders.

“I dunno,” I said to her completely disinterested face, “but it can’t hurt to try.”

The coupon goes through (I checked the receipt in the car), I pay, and leave.

So, yeah, that happened.


Also, I’m working on the epilogue to Valentine’s Night.

And I still hate buying groceries.

Happy “spring”!!  (Even though I think they lied.)






16 thoughts on “Ok so this happened…

  1. I hate coupons and love shoping. maybe we need to join our powers and get the best out of both? I am going to go, and wait for the next time Morgan leaves my lap and go back to bed..
    Grilled cheese and soup sound lovely tonight


  2. I know nothing about coupons (wrong hemisphere) but to me if you can get it at a better price its a winner. Lucky you!


  3. yeah coupons are not a thing we do here, but they do sound fun!! especially if there’s a black market for it full of old ladies! 😀


  4. morggys: That’s the part that tickled me!! Here was this little old lady shuffling around being all conspiratorial about everything and I’m dying laughing inside (AFTER I get over my WTF moment…)! Illicit deals made IN BROAD VIEW of EVERYONE!! God bless little old ladies! 😀


  5. yes! bless them!
    gurl, Imma IM tou on FF.N – a technical WP question maybe u can answer because u been here longer than I! So, look forward to big HALP from me there!


  6. allegro63: I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates it. Too bad it’s “not economically feasible” (read: too dang spendy) to shop for everything from home. It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t OTHER PEOPLE in the stores…

    For me coupons are mainly worth it when it’s a double-coupon time, or the coupons are on pet products. I adore cat treat coupons… *starts jonesin’ for the Sunday paper*


  7. lol, maybe this is mean of me to say but absolutely love it when I hear about stuff like that(weird stuff) happening to other people, cuz its just too funny lol


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