6 thoughts on “Crafting the Perfect Fanfiction

  1. They ARE accurate, and make me wonder just how much FF he’s been reading. By the looks of that “man meat” he was attempting to insert in the honeypot, I’d say he’s been reading quite a bit of the SVM FF!! LOL!
    And I still want to know why he thinks there isn’t any salt in FF’s. I’ve read some outstanding FF! It’s rare, but it is out there; say for instance, this story I’m reading (but I’ve been banking chapters) wherein Andre somehow regains a semblance of humanity…


  2. msbuffy: You *know* I’m expecting at some point for him to mock a story by using 5 foot long salamis, right?

    But…if the writer added salt, then it wouldn’t be the traditional mundane, generic ‘mostly sex sometimes bothered by a plot’ fic, then, would it??? LMAO!!

    😀 Awww, thank you! Andre, I giggle to say, has already lost his man card… He’s actually turned out a bit more sexual than I’d intended, but I’ve tried to express that more with glimpses and hints rather than just chapter upon chapter full of thrusting and panting, lol. 😀


  3. lolololololololololololololololololololololol…. 🙂 🙂

    We’ll remind him to call it a “gracious plenty.” Who in the world would ever think to say something like that? T
    There is plenty of salt. He just hasn’t come across it yet. I’m going to be greedy & snarky. I won’t share!
    God bless you! That’s as it should be with Andre. Even vampires need to rebound! And please! If the vampire REALLY loved the woman, he’d know that going at it all night makes for an unhappy pet the next day! I love your Andre! 🙂


  4. msbuffy: Lol, being Southern I *have* heard the phrase “a gracious plenty” before, but, um, NEVER EVER in terms of a vampire’s penis…thankfully…

    That’s a thing that often annoys me about SO many fics: how the super-horny vamp has sex with the HUMAN for days/weeks/hours in a row. All I”m thinking is, dude, give her poor vag a rest already! And the ones where he WAKES HER UP just for sex? You can TELL he doesn’t actually care about her or he’d leave her alone to recover from all that PAST sexing! (And don’t get me started on all the ones where the vamp for some reason has to be a perverted wanna-be Dom…ugh…)

    *stepping off soap box*

    Poor Andre…*spoiler*…he’s even become a bit worried about drinking from her too often… 😀


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