“I’m Gonna Hurt You ’til You Love Me!”

This is definitely well worth the read. This guy is both serious and funny. It’s a great combo. (In his articles, he rocks his majestic snark quite well.)

The Fanfic Assassin

Welcome to my second editorial. I’d like to start out by saying this topic has been on my mind since before I ever wrote my first review about a month ago. As I said before, I never intended to do any editorials, so I never really considered this a possibility until after I had written the first. I kept putting it off in favor of doing more reviews, but the other day someone asked me specifically to write it, and I couldn’t be happier to finally get to it.

  If there is any one thing that a person notices when stepping into the world of fanfiction, it’s how people seem to love to take beloved characters and treat them like the filth of the earth. One of the most common examples of this is the tortured heroine. She’s our protagonist; she’s beautiful, smart, charming, and the world won’t stop…

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10 thoughts on ““I’m Gonna Hurt You ’til You Love Me!”

  1. Oh, I already did! 🙂 You have no idea how much I’ve always wanted to write something like that, but haven’t simply because I didn’t want to deal with responses of being called catty, petty, bitchy, or worse. I have very little patience for stupidity, and learned long that it’s not my job to educate the ignorant. Great editorial though!


  2. msbuffy: I definitely feel ya – so much gratuitous stupidity running so rampant… That’s why I started my Rantery – I got tired of trying to bottle it up, and had to go ‘splody SOMEWHERE. I figure that no one has to read it, much less agree with me, but all are welcome to do so! *evil giggle* 😀


  3. marebare1979: It’s no one certain story, but rather an editorial on the (sadly) growing number of sexual abuse/torture-of-heroine stories in general. Give his article a read! 😀


  4. Okay read the article and I’m torn. I agree w/ most of the article some writers to shock, write to put down women or write what they know. I’ve become friends w/ a few authors and readers of ff and it’s alarming that the one thing they have in common besides love of all thinks Eric Northman is they are all rape surviviours. They seem to be drawn to Sookie because of their shared experiences as readers and as authors some have repeated their own rapes in the form of Sookie and some have not.
    There are plenty of Sookie stories I have no interest in mostly the overly fantasy ones but that’s me so I read and move on. I love the silly sappy romance stories as much as I love the angst ridden ones.
    As a woman I hate that 1 out of 4 woman will be raped. I much rather Sookie (or Bella or any other character) not be raped but if it does happen I much rather her stand up and take her life back. The great thing out ff is people can put themselves into these established characters. Personally it agrivates me more whe Sookie is a snotty bitch than a rape/abuse survivor. Now one more thing before I get off my soap box I use the term “rape survivor” not “rape victim” because the beautiful woman I have known that have been raped tried to put heir lives back to get her (sometimes over and over again). That being said I liked the article and glad you suggested it, it’s always well to see someone else’s view.


  5. marebare1979: That is exactly one of my main points. To me, rape, sexual abuse, and male-on-female subjugation, disrespect, and violence are very serious subjects and should therefore never be disrespected by being used merely as a convenient plot device just to move a story along. Doing that denegrates women and casually dismisses the suffering felt by all such survivors.

    For the brave rape survivors who receive therapy or help of any sort though serious writing about their experiences, more power to the brave souls, and I hope it does help them.

    (And I totally adore silly, sappy, non-angst romantic tales! 😀 )


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