Notice + Don’t forget, y’all

The Rantery is still open 24/7!

Since before July of last year (“before” because when I changed the comment scheme, it messed with the dates for some fucked up reason), I’ve had a blast “ranting” and reading your own awesome rants – this has seriously been a blast!

I’m always adding to it or tweaking what I’ve got, and you’re always welcome to drop by and add your own gripes and “Ugh, srsly?”s as you think of them.  Your contributions don’t have to be from the TB/SVM universe, either – no matter the genre, if you read fanfics, then you’ve probably got gripes, and the only  “medication” for gripes is to share them!  😀

NOTICE:  I just have to ask that no one mention any story or writer by name – we’re not here to insult any one person or to name bad/horrible stories.  Should a story or writer be mentioned by name in any way other than in a truly complimentary manner, that comment will be deleted.  Mocking specific stories is best done in PM’s and emails…

There may be a lot of writers whose works I don’t like, that I find annoying or pro-abuse, but I will not allow those writers to be named here.

However, we can point fingers all day long at overused, unnecessary, laughable, trite, horrid, disrespectful, misogynistic, abuse-oriented, abuse-disguised-as-love, and eye-roll-worthy “plot devices”.   Laughter and cussing are highly encouraged.  (Don’t curse, though, because you KNOW how those demons get…)

Keep in mind that the things I write are just my own gripes, observations, etc.  No one is in any way required to agree with them, but I love you more when you do.  😉

I have a suspicion that these lists will end up long…very, very long…

Thanks for your support, and like I’ve repeated a billion times:  feel free to contribute!






Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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