Quick PSA: Fanfiction.net


Readers and writers, please lend me your… eyes.  This article by Jan of Arc for Random-Fandom raises a word of caution, mostly for writers, but also for readers who have recently found their favorite stories missing from Fanfiction.net.  If you see a story missing, please visit Random-Fandom’s amazing Author Directory and see if they have your favorite author’s alternative website listed.  The link I provided is for the SVM/TB fanfiction authors, but they have other fandoms available as well.  I believe The World is a Vampire is the only story on Fanfiction.net that isn’t on this website, but I’ll try to work on that shortly.

Please let your reading and writing friends know of this development.  Happy Reading!

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2 thoughts on “Quick PSA: Fanfiction.net

  1. A word of caution…the more fragmented we become the more we are in danger of becoming marginalized.
    That is Fan Fiction’s only redeeming feature, the collective for TB and SVM writing. As soon as TB finishes, we will have less exposure, fewer fans, and eventually fewer writers. The whole fan base will erode into nothingness.
    Any chance that the attackers are tea-baggers? But why TB and SVM? the original thing is M-X. Makes no sense, what is it they want.?


  2. As long as ffnet has fics that violate the ToS, there will be groups that target and report. This behaviour just seems to be increasing and ffnet doesn’t care. Until there’s an alternative archive with the reach and ease of use of ffnet, the safest thing to do is back up your work or cross-post with another archive or blog.
    I’m surprised I’ve made it through all of the purges, very few of my fics DON’T violate the ToS – but I’ve always got my work somewhere else so that if it goes ‘missing’ from ffnet then it’s not that big a deal.


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