Buckner’s Attempts At Damage Control

BB’s verbal ass kissing to hopefully stop the hoards from leaving HBO:


As we posted the other day, it looks like Alexander Skarsgård will be returning for True Blood Season 7! Hooray! While this is good news…we urge you to proceed with caution if you do decide to watch next season.

spoiler warning

Here’s why…it appears Brian Buckner (aka Bucky) has been sent to the principle’s office (aka. HBO) and was ordered to do some damage control. With numerous fans threatening to quit watching and/or subscribing to HBO altogether after Season 6’s finale, it’s not surprising HBO executives contacted him urging him to reassure the fans.  At least, that’s what we here at ESL think happened…

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Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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