Thoughts Regarding The Finale…

Are Sweden

Does anyone else feel that the retarded idiotic True Blood writers pulled a CH with Eric’s intelligence?  I mean, no matter how beautiful that scenery, would OUR Eric really be so stupid as to sunbathe nude in the snow in Sweden with NO shelter nearby?


Are Sweden3

Are Sweden4


Just wondering…

What are your thoughts?




6 thoughts on “Thoughts Regarding The Finale…

  1. Twice in a year they have taken Eric from us I am so upset. I love Eric you love Eric WTH is wrong with them how can they not love ERIC


  2. IK,R?? Ugh!! HOW could they have written that?? I get that they’re all about the nudity/drama/gore, but damn – I didn’t think they hated Eric THAT badly.


  3. Firstly that stuff so does not look like snow! Lost me right there. Styrofoam! The shadows should be bluish. Ugh! Californians!
    Secondly – he’s old! Where’s the blue fire? C’mon he’s earned it!
    I get that they wanted to ramp up the suspense, but FAIL.
    Pat (Duckbutt) made an excellent point last night; she knew the specifics about his contract.
    Apparently his contract is with HBO not True Blood. Opens up worlds of possibilities.


  4. Heh, maybe he and Pam will start their own show – open up a vamp establishment in Sweden, and when Sook gets tired of “doggy style”, they’ll bring her over.


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