*nods quietly then quietly resumes reading…quietly*

This is what my introversion looks like, plus a brilliant article:

Library of Strahov Monastery in Prague 954706_468454516564850_375134783_n 300 Year old Oak Trees, Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana


This article, “Caring for your Introvert” from The Atlantic, (by Jonathan Rauch from way back in Mar 1 2003), is, in my non-humble opinion, rainbows flowing from a unicorn’s butt while he’s dancing with little green dragons awesome.  This almost ranks up there with bacon, coffee, and soft pillows.  Almost.

Srsly, if you feel like you are the least bit introverted, or know someone who is, it’s a definite read.

So read it.


Or read a book.  It’s your choice.  Always.






2 thoughts on “*nods quietly then quietly resumes reading…quietly*

  1. do you know how comforting it was reading this! its my life story! took me years to not feel guilty about not wanting to be around people. Thanks!


  2. Glad you liked it! I know the feels – I used to wonder why I would get so incredibly aggravated at people I usually like, but come to find out, I can take them in small doses, but not for hours and hours at a time.

    I love my “alone time” – it’s how I, and probably you, too, recharge. It’s how we prevent murder…lol!

    Very glad you found some peace in that article. It helps to know you’re not alone.


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