Why I’m OK with CH’s stomping us in the face…(spoilery)

Why am I OK with CH’s stomping us in the face?


We have a glorious plethora of excellent fic writers at our fingertips – writers whose stories I have, in all honesty, enjoyed more (and often MUCH more) than CH’s slowly-devolving works.

Am I heartbroken that CH built up a fantastic world of romance and possibilities between Eric and Sookie, then turned right around and spit in our faces?

Duh.  Of course I am.  I feel absolutely betrayed and hoaxed and used and all the other ways a great book is NOT supposed to make me feel.  Granted, this series is her baby to fuck up as she wants, and she did…

But…I really – REALLY – look forward to reading what I hope to be a resulting avalanche of great fics from our fellow writers.

THAT is gonna rock so hard.

So…I’m ok with this…in a coping sort of way.





What CH said on her FB page:

By now some of you know that a reader in Germany obtained a copy of DEAD EVER AFTER and decided to post the ending online. While this is unfortunate, I wanted to say this to all of you: Even if you *personally* are unhappy with the ending, please don’t spoil it for other readers. DEAD EVER AFTER goes on sale on May 7th; after that date, you are more that welcome to come here and tell me how much you like – or don’t like – the choices I’ve made for Sookie. But from one Sookie fan to another, I’m asking you all to please not spoil the book for other readers. Thank you so much for your continued support.
Charlaine Harris

Figures.  I bet she’s rolling around naked in all her dough sniggering at bursting so many people’s dreams of an Eric/Sookie HEA.  Oh, wait…she’s probably just pissed that word got out and her sales are plummeting…ok, mean or not, that makes ME snicker…

Also:  this was too good NOT to share:

SPOILER FOR DEAD EVER AFTER: So when Charlaine Harris said some people would not be happy with the ending…

Thoughts?  Ideas? Rants?  Raves?  All of the above???

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16 thoughts on “Why I’m OK with CH’s stomping us in the face…(spoilery)

  1. Do you know where we can read the excerpt about her ending up with Sam? I just can’t fucking believe she would do that? I’m so…I don’t even know what I am. Speachless? Well, I’m never speachless, but you get what I’m saying. I mean Sam??? I’ve seen several readers speculate about her, regrettable ending up with him and I thought they would be way off base. I thought she’d either be with Eric or alone. Sam? Seriously?


  2. Thank you. I won’t be buying the damn thing if this isn’t a hoax. But with CH commenting about it, I guess the whole hoax thing is just wishful delusions.


  3. I’m with you!

    She may not have meant to write a Romance but it turned out that way. Unfortunately, instead of going with the romance, and possibly changing the ending she envisioned after, I think it was LDID, she was true to herself and went with what she had envisioned *sigh*

    I will be one of those posting a post book 13 story, just not yet. I want it to be beyond awesome and the way I write doesn’t lend itself to awesomeness so I’ve finally found a beta who’s willing to help me. Enough about my story! lol. Not pimping, honest!

    Any way…..several books ago I told my boyfriend I had been reading a lot of SS and TB fanfic and a LOT of the authors were totally awesome! Some of them even wrote better than CH! Who can’t when they manage to keep the continuity of the story and actually REMEMBER silly little things like whether a were is a lynx or a fox (can’t remember, was DP a fox or something else later on?) or whether Bill’s middle name is Erasmus or Thomas?

    I don’t generally nit pick books, etc. but come on! If one as oblivious as I can be spots the errors how glaring are they to those who do call the author out on them?

    Yeah, I’m disappointed that the books didn’t end the way I wanted but I think I’ll post about it rather than force your readers to read it, lol. After all, they’re here to see you!


  4. Post all you want, lol – that’s what we’re here for!

    One thing I like about the TB/SVM universe is that there are SO many different plots writers could follow if they’re wanting to stay canon, and the possibilities are absolutely infinite if you (do what I do and) say “Fuck canon – canon crashed and burned. Let’s go AU!!”

    Can’t wait for you to get your story together!!


  5. Thanks :). I’m working on chapter 8 (9 if you count the prologue).

    As you may have figured out by now I write mainly Vampire Sookie stories and I have found a plethora of places where she could have been turned, thus eliminating most of the angst in later books :). Once she’s vampire it is AU since she never wanted to be vampire *sigh*.

    I haven’t even looked at the story this morning, wordpress was calling for my attention for some reason :D.


  6. Yup – I just read Ch 4. Love how Godric turned Sookie (loved how he was talking to Sookie during her change about Eric’s past, but he didn’t have to be so mean to Eric, though…**pout**….).
    Can’t wait to see what kind of vamp Sookie will make – hope she’s a super-vamp and doesn’t have to suffer control issues, and that she can ignore a Maker’s call…tee hee! 😀


  7. Funny thing…..months ago I wrote a story where she can ignore a Maker’s call :D. I’m unhappy with the final chapter so it hasn’t been published yet. Found a different beta for that one so she’s going through it now. That’s all the spoilage though since I do want to eventually post it. If I spoil my own story no one will want to read it, lol.


  8. *snicker* I know you would 🙂 but I do like to have a FEW surprises :D.

    I will just say that you’ll never guess who her Maker is :D.


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