Regarding Speculations about THE LAST BOOK


Ok, I’ve been reading vast quantities of speculations about the final SS/SVM book, and you know what I’ve figured out besides Sookie’s not going to be get her “white picket fence” HEA?

Nothing.  Nada.

Before we continue my whine/bitch/gripe session, I should clarify two things:

1. I strongly believe in HEA’s (hey, it’s called “fiction” for a reason, y’all), and,

2.  I’m one of “those” people who aren’t going to buy that final book unless Sookie and Eric end up together.


Call me a whiner…a lily-livered coward…late for dinner…I don’t care.  Why would I want to read about my favorite couple NOT getting together if I can avoid it?

See?  (Hey, I see you nodding over there!)

I love fiction because, in fiction, couples CAN have their HEA’s.  And, if they CAN, then in all common sense, they SHOULD.  Why?  It makes readers like me HAPPY.

I like being happy.  Happy is generally a good thing.  So…why would I want to read a fiction where two people who are MEANT to be together DON’T get (and stay) together?  It might just be my imagination, but all through the books, Eric and Sookie’s characters are written as if they’re absolutely meant to end up together.  So, with that being the case IMO, why would I read a final work where they’re NOT together?

Why voluntarily read heartbreak?  That makes no sense to me.  There’s enough disappointment and heartbreak and broken dreams in the world as it is…why voluntarily read invented versions of such disappointments?


Do I think Charlaine Harris is an awesome writer?  Obviously!  If she weren’t so damn gifted, we of the SVM/TB/fic world wouldn’t have invaded and glommed onto her Universe as strongly as we have.  We wouldn’t have nearly such strong opinions regarding Sookie and (*sigh*) Eric as we do.   We (most of us, at any rate) wouldn’t so very gleefully hate Bill/Billith, nor would we have such pleasant fantasies and love for our favorite Viking Sex-God Gracious Plentied Panty Killer (and SkarsPorn wouldn’t be a thing…!), and Godric (oooh, that delicious Allan Hyde…)*(excuse me a moment…).


cropped ass


UNF Allan 4

So, this diatribe is in no way against “The Maker”.  Without her, our fanfics and imaginations would be so very much poorer.  Plus, as a writer, it’s her obligation to herself to write her story as she sees it.  If she feels called upon to write Sookie being with someone else, being alone, dying her hair puce and selling used tires, that’s her prerogative.

I just don’t have to cough up the bucks to have my li’l “Eric loves Sookie” shipper heart broken into teeny, tiny sharp little pieces.

In my own little Sookie-verse, The Couple Who Should Be Together WILL truly and finally get together, and they’ll stay together, come what may.

And AB will have clown nightmares and an oddly reoccurring rash for killing off Godric.

Bonus SkarsPorn:

skarsporn gif


And HydePorn:


5 thoughts on “Regarding Speculations about THE LAST BOOK

  1. I agree. I think I’ll wait and see how many readers sharpen stakes for Ms. Harris before I fork over the money for a book I’ll hate…ORRR perhaps we’ll all be pleasantly surprised and we’ll all get our E/S HEA. doubtful


  2. Definitely waiting for the reviews. IF E/S get their HEA (which I really doubt, btw), I’ll buy the book and grin like a loon. If not, I’ll read the upcoming humongo batch of E/S HEA fics, lol.


  3. Amen Sister… amen !

    The last book I read was when Sookie was taken by the fairies. I could see where it was headed then. Disappointed, I saw nothing but heartbreak for my poor Eric…


  4. I know what you mean – I had a really hard time finishing that book. The writing seemed to be on the wall…faint, and in broken English, but it was there. 😦

    I think that’s one (just one of many!) reasons why fanfic is so popular. In “this” universe, we get to peruse through stories until we find one we like, understand, and feel comfortable reading (usually).

    Can you imagine the new crop of fics almost REQUIRED to spring up if CH totally fails E/S in that last book??


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