Interview: Gyllene Fanfiction


Here’s my good friend Gyllene getting grilled by the The Non-Canon Awards Interviewer – check it out, and be sure to check out her stories, too!

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Ok.. I thought I already did all this, but I may have been remembering the previous site.  It explains how it didn’t go out.  Oops!  My fault!!!

But here we go, a new Writer!!   Let’s meet Gyllene!


So we are going to start out with some basic information for all of you.

Can you please tell the people reading this your name? Gyllene

Where do you like to post, and can you give us the site of your preferred medium? I post on AO3, FictionPad,, TWCS, and WordPress. I prefer my website:

What do you prefer, Tea or Coffee? Coffee. It has so much French Vanilla creamer in it I’m not sure you can call it coffee though.

What is your favorite beverage of choice? And if alcoholic and mixed, what are the ingredients? Cherry Pepsi

What is your funny story about trying something to drink and it…

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Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 3, is up!

Caution:  This chapter contains lots of foul language, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, then why are you reading MY works?  Srsly, though, Sookie is…pissed, so expect LOTS of cursing. 

Also, actually highly unusual for me, this chapter contains quite a few pics.  I don’t normally put a bunch of pics in my chapters because they can potentially slow down device/computer speeds and because they tend to be distracting to readers (well, to me, lol), but I figured that with as many Eric-lovers as we have amongst us (myself included), I should show exactly WHY Sookie is so incredibly pissed off at Eric (to save my ass from your pitchforks) so readers can see very clearly where Sookie’s coming from in this story.

A little reassurance before the show:  Yes, this *IS* going to have an E/S HEA, so no fears or pitchforks!  Enjoy!




Dreamsicle Cupcakes


Who wants to make me these cupcakes??? The link to the recipe is at the bottom of her post, and those cupcakes look FANTASTIC!!

Originally posted on The Queen of All That is Delicious:

One of my favourite childhood memories is hearing the music of the Ice Cream truck on hot summer afternoons.  I always looked forward to getting my daily Dreamsicle to cool off from a day of playing outdoors in the Texas heat.  Now that I live in a small village in Quebec, we don’t get an Ice Cream truck coming by the house every day so I don’t often get a chance to get a Dreamsicle.  My darling daughter secretly began developing a cake recipe several years ago as a surprise for my birthday and it was a huge hit!  Over the years, she has refined the original and now we usually make cupcakes as opposed to a cake, but this recipe will do either and the results are spectacular.  The cake has the delicious orange flavour and the frosting adds that perfect complement of vanilla, absolute perfection.

This past weekend…

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Review for Fly me to the Moon & Other stories by Meridian


Another and, sadly, the last set of reviews from Kittyinaz with The Non-Canon Awards of my stories. This time she focuses on ‘the shorts’ – 4 short stories, 3 of which are slowly expanding (Fly Me to the Moon, To Dream Again, and True Suck) and one I’ve been offered cold, hard cash to NOT expand: Slippy Slappy Seal Sex… *evil giggle* THANK YOU WENDY!!!

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

This is the last one.  All these are short, and so I only thought it was fair to do them all at once.

Name of Story: Fly Me To The Moon

Fandom: TB/SVM

Author: Meridian


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): A short one-shot for Gyllene in response to the fuckery that was True Blood S7, E2 with this picture as prompt:



*****Spoilers Below for the TB Episode 7-02. Read at your discretion!*****

Gyllene (and the rest of us) were upset with the ending of Episode 2. So she asked for something to help.

Meridian answered her plea with the one shot that is this Review.

This is her version of what the picture could represent, and let me tell you, for a short one shot, it is filled with emotions, and you go through the gauntlet with her. It ends on a very…

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Blinded by Alight!

Originally posted on Fanfiction by Bertie Bott:

As promised, though an hour or two later than anticipated, I give to you wonderfully patient readers chapter 7 of Set My Soul Alight! Very excited for this chapter as it really sets the wheels in motion, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on it… Click the awesome Loki pic below that 4Padfoot made for me to start reading!

Click to read chapter 7...

Click to read chapter 7…

And in case you totally missed it, 4Padfoot also made me the most kick ass video for Thirsty for Your Love… It literally feels like an actual trailer for my story and I just love it to death. Go ahead and watch it if you haven’t yet… you know you wanna!

As always, happy reading to you all!

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Review for Anticipating by Meridian


An AWESOME review of Anticipating by none other than our Kittyinaz for The Non-Canon Awards! THANK YOU!!! :D

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Yep, Today is Tuesday.  We are finishing up Meridian’s stories, and I will be moving on to another author.

I have been told that you guys are freaking awesome, and Meridian is really impressed with you guys and your reactions.  Her site stats are going up and it makes her thrilled when she gets the notice I reviewed another story.

So… I am being durty.  Her word.  I am giving you guys my absolute favorite story of hers in hope you inspire her to write the sequel.  Honest, I’m using my powers for good!


Name of Story: Anticipating

Fandom: TB/SVM

Author: Meridian


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Godric/Oc (Cara)

Description (Authors): When Cara saved Isabel one dark and scary night, Godric felt much more for the daring, beautiful human than mere gratitude. This is just my take on how things could be.  It starts a bit slow, kinda…

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It’s Your Choice, After All

Dearest Readers Mine,

I was going to post this second chapter of Eric Northman:  After the Show literally after tonight’s episode of True Suck as sort of a snarky, hopefully pleasant brain mint, if you will.  I had even gone so far as to declare this intention to the awesome Kittyinaz when we were discussing her very recent review of this story for The Non-Canon Awards (Review found here - go read it – it’s an awesome review!).

Then I “got to thinkin’” which, in at least Southern parlance, means something between “Huh…” and “Run”.

I wanted to give my readers a choice:  read it now, or read it after the latest undoubtedly fucked up episode of TS (srsly, think snarky brain mint…).  Of course, a third option would be to read it twice!  *cheeky grin*

So, the choice is yours, my friends – I just hope you DO read it – and enjoy!  :D










Review for Eric Northman:After the Show by Meridian


Great review of my “Eric Northman – After the Show”!!! And…watch out – I’m planning on publishing Ch. 2 after True Suck (tonight)… I figure we’ll all need a mental mint after that probable crap-fest…

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Good evening (or day whichever applies)  I have another review for Meridian done.  She is hinting that while she told me Monday, she is working on the next chapter after this for after the True Blood episode tomorrow.

So sit back, and enjoy a story that helps wash your mouth of the foulness we have been forced to take without that so called spoon of sugar.

Or maybe this is the sugar?


Name of Story: Eric Northman: After the Show

Fandom: TB/SVM

Author: Meridian


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): So, what will Eric Northman do when True Blood is over? How did True Blood even come about? Romantic, Dramatic, and semi-Humorous tale of what could have been/might could be. E/S, Godric is Eric’s Maker (naturally!), no vamp Bill, and with some/many elements from THAT BOOK SERIES. This story is definitely AU, and not meant to be…

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Happy Independence Day!

Originally posted on Kittyinaz:


Yes, it is the 4th of July.  Yeah for America and Yeah for us declaring our Independence today!!  Love it!! Truly!!

But Marty and I went to the gym, (and he showed me why I was gaining muscle so fast… seems I was an idiot and did the same exercises over and over and over… yeah.  Idiot.) and we watched all the cars heading to Galveston Island.  A LOT of cars.

My hubs and I decided that we would stay home.  Part of the reason?  Independence Day is a large part of his family’s celebrations, and we lost a huge member of that family.  This year is just not feeling right knowing that Russ is not with us.  So there is not as much fun to be had, and since we are the only Brandiburs here in Houston…yeah.

Later, Marty ran out of deodorant, so we went to Target, and…

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Review for Decisions, A Godric and Cara Story by Meridian


Kittyinaz with The Non-Canon Awards gave me an awesome review of Decisions – check it out! :D

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Hi!  I have a story that I talked to this little birdie who flew in my window tonight, and told me there was an update coming for this story.

Also.  From now on, I will be posting on Tuesdays.  We have talked together and Tuesdays will be mine.  I will allow the other ladies tell you their days.  This does not mean we can’t pop up on another day, so don’t get complacent.  We like to shake things up around here.

The Twisted Fairy Tales contest is still going on!  Please submit a story to us by July the 30th deadline.  We also have a tumblr account that we have put some ideas out there to be used…

Without any more interruptions, here is the Review:


Name of Story: Decisions, a Godric and Cara story

Fandom: SVM/TB

Author: Meridian


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Godric/OC (Cara)

Description (Authors):

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Decisions, Chapter 17 is finally up!

Also, check out this awesome review for Decisions my friend Kittyinaz did for The Non-Canon Awards!!  Thank you for the fantastic review!!!  :D

Now, on with the story:


**Me hurriedly getting this chapter out at this particular moment in time had nothing whatsoever to do with getting an awesome review placed in front of my face.  Really.  Honest!  (inspects nails)**










Wednesday!! Oh Wednesday!!!

Originally posted on Kittyinaz:

Chapter 8_edited-1

I know you guys love this day more than any other.  It is the start of a posting week for me, so it is when all you loyal followers of the site get the new chapters.  Aint life grand being a follower of this site?

I am right now working on getting all the chapters I have for this story edited, so I can work on AIW faster.  Then I can write more and edit more on this then move on to Wisdom and so on.  Yes this is a WIP fic and will be written on it.  It’s just getting started people.

I am also rereading Chamber of Secrets so I can move forward on the HP fic.  I do it at the gym since it is the only time I can read without being bothered.  Well mostly.  I have to go early tomorrow since I have to drive…

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Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 2 is up!

Once upon a time, this really was a one-shot.  Then along came the lovely and talented  Kittyinaz  who did a review of this story for her  Non-Canon Awards site reviews.  Since new readers might wander over to check out this story, I wisely decided ti give it a once-over and, well, now there are two chapters with good potential for, um, more…

Therefore, Chapter 2 of Sookie Takes Charge is brought to you by:  Kittyinaz.  ;)

Sookie in shackles



True Blood S7, EP 1…made me glad I write and read fanfics…

Well, this episode was basically as I expected, sadly.  It was in turn boring, inept, intense, silly, overly-dramatic, annoying,  Eric-less, and…scummy:

Andy fucked up a perfect opportunity to rid the world of scum… Jason fucked Euro-trash scum… Alcide and Sookie both fucked scum (each other)…  Scum stole humans and chained them up…

So, yeah, it’s almost still True Blood.  The only reason I watched it was because curiosity would have killed me if I hadn’t.

My episode likes (few), bitchings (many) – spoilers:

Pam:  I felt bad for her, she’s all lost and dead inside and shit without Eric.  Wait, so am I.  And she didn’t even drink from the teacup (human) – very proud of her!

Willa:  I felt bad for her – she’s all lost and scared inside without Eric.  Wait, so am I.  (The Willa one surprised me because I don’t have any empathy/connection to her.  She’s just…there.)

Jessica:  She did great with Addy, and didn’t even drink a drop.  Hope she washes her bloody face soon.

Lala:  I really wish he, Tara (who I do wonder if she’s actually FINALLY dead, I mean, why didn’t Pam FEEL her all dying and shit?  And, ugh, Lettie Mae?  Freak much?  She and reality lost touch years ago!), Sookie (just cause, *sigh*) and Jason would just load up an old hoopty and get the hell outta dodge.



Sookie. (Oh, let’s go walking home in the dark during a vompire infestation!!)

Sam brought a doggie to a vampire fight…was he going to wag his tail at them till they died of laughter or something?

Al brought a not-much-bigger doggie to a vampire fight…

Neither useless mutt brought the girls back…

Anna got to show off her wee bitty boobs, so you know she was happy with this ep.

Bill flashbacks?  Rly?  WHY??  In vamp time he’s, what, 12 minutes old?

James 2.0?  Rly?  WHY??  (I don’t blame the first one for quitting.)


andy missing

And, last but by no means least:


a map



I still haven’t figured out why the lovely citizens of BT blame Sookie for the vamp problems…she’s currently fuckin’ a wolfie.

So, anyone gonna watch next week’s ‘adventure’?  Thoughts?  Ideas?

As for me, the teeny tiny summer ants are back in the kitchen.  Time to go commit mini-murders…


Edited to Update:  Yup, Tara’s goo.  Bai Tara – hope you’re (character is) finally at peace now, well, unless you can keep your snark and attitude wherever it is that you’re going…








Review for A Collection of One Shots by Meridian


Thank you Kittyinaz and the Non-Canon Awards – y’all are so awesome!!!! <3 (Believe it or not, I had forgotten that I'd written some of these!)

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Hello!  I have more stories for you to read, a collection of One Shots that Meridian has done.  Take some time out, and go read some of these Stories.  It shows a range of her stories for you to get to know her.

Name of Story: A collection called One-Shots/Shorts/Short -shorts

Fandom: TB/SVM

Author: Meridian

Rating (If Applicable): Many

Pairing: Many

Description (Authors): Will do for each story


The Atrium /Godric & OC (Cara)

This one shot is another take on how Godric and Cara meet, and their interactions. It is an interactions that leaves you smiling and feeling very good. And the ending? Surprising but it answers a couple questions you have left by the end of the story. This is one of the fics I turn to when I am having a bad day and need something to smile to. But shhh…

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An Honest Discussion


Rape being used to sensationalize a story, tv show, or movie pisses me off to no end since I know that the trivialization of rape inevitably leads to it not being taken seriously in real life where it happens way more often than will likely ever be reported. Therefore along those lines, the word “rape” should never be thrown around lightly.


Rape is a seriously offensive violation on too many levels to go into in this reblog lead-in.

The point: My friend Bertie Bott received a “Guest” review (naturally) on ff accusing her of writing Damon raping Bella because Damon, vampire-sensing and knowing that his beloved and adored wife Bella was having a very “happy” dream, decided to, shall we say, “initiate sexual proceedings” while Bella was still asleep in the midst of that dream. Now, if said “Guest” had bothered reading any, some, or all of the preceding chapters, she would have known that a rape scenario was the LAST thing that would logically happen between these two perpetually horny lovey-dovey love-birds.


There is too much trust, respect, consideration, joy, love, adoration, and compassion between this Damon and Bella couple to logically even consider such a thing.

Anyone who knows me will also know that I am one of the biggest anti-rape and anti-abuse crusaders on the planet, and if I say something is not rape and is not abuse, dude, it’s not rape. It’s not abuse.

This was not rape.

Please give her awesome response to that “review” a read – her response is incredible.

Originally posted on Fanfiction by Bertie Bott:

I’d like to take a moment and open up a discussion based on a review I received on for chapter 22 of Thirsty. Sadly, this person hid under the anonymity of a guest review and I’m therefore unable to address their concerns to them personally in a mature, respectful conversation, but their allegations left me both disturbed and offended. I debated shrugging it off and whether or not their review was even sincere (people sometimes say negative things just for attention, after all), but I find myself unable to let it go; not because I feel the need to defend myself and my characters (which, admittedly, I do feel) but because I’d like to use the harsh comment I received to shed light on a grave issue. I post the review here now, not as a way of singling them out, but in order address any concerns and…

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Thirsty? Why wait? Read an Update!

Originally posted on Fanfiction by Bertie Bott:


Click to start reading ch22!

Better late than never, right?

Life is murder with a sick baby, but thankfully my son is on the mend and I’m slowly catching up on writing and everything I’ve neglected around the house. So for your reading pleasure, I give to you Thirsty for Your Love Chapter 22: Bad Timing… and yes, that title is also a bad pun for my tardiness, lol.

For those of you wondering – I had a blast at Comicon! I scored some awesome swag and meet some truly talented people like…




Boom baby! I met many more too… but I doubt you really want to hear about it and you’re probably already reading, lol. Be sure to like my facebook page for teasers and fun (link on side menu) and also be sure to check out the Non-Canon Awards Blog – now on wordpress! – for some…

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Review for The Revealing of Andre by Meridian


Awesome review of The Revealing of Andre by Kittyinaz for The Non-Canon Awards…and if ANYTHING could be considered “non-canon” it would be my Andre story… Thank you Kittyinaz!! :D

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Here is the first post of my Review series featuring Meridian.  This is one of those stories you end up reading and thump the screen, refresh and even go looking if she forgot to put the next button in it.

the Revealing of Andre

Name of Story: The Revealing of Andre

Fandom: SVM

Author: Meridian

Site: (Click the Banner above to go to the site)

Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Andre/OC (Emma)

Description (Authors): Andre Paul, child of Sophie-Anne LeClerq, had a “distinct” reputation: fierce, vicious, cruel and conniving.  But…was that ALL there was to him?  Emma may find out for herself. (*Rated M…this IS vampire fanfic, ya know…) Non-canon, AU, OC

Review: While this is not the first one I have read of hers, it is one of the ones I love dearly. It is on an uncommon character that until I read this, I had not seen as a…

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Plagiarism Is A Dirty Word


The friend of mine whose post I’m reblogging has recently dealt with the fetid, insulting, frustrating, and infuriating miasma of plagiarism, a subject also near and dear to my own livid heart.

There is no excuse for thieving someone else’s work without AT LEAST crediting them. Stealing another writer’s ‘brain-baby’ is low, lazy, and an insult to the entire writing profession.

Sadly, there *are* many levels of plagiarism ranging from outright theft all the way down to a writer having read someone else’s story at some point and having that story’s plots or themes get stuck in their own head.

That is one of several reasons I refuse to read almost anyone else’s stories about Godric while I’m in the writing mode. I want my own ideas taking up space on my virtual paper, not someone else’s, so the precious few Godric stories I’m currently following are ones written by my close friends, and only because their Godrics are crafted with different personalities and back-stories than mine own are. (Also their writing styles are totally different from mine – also a plus!)

It is my responsibility as a writer to keep other people’s relevant ideas from seeping into my brain because it is ENTIRELY up to me what I choose to allow into my mind in the first place. I don’t want trite smut, sensational abuse fics, or… other Godric stories running around loose in there either defiling my brain, causing my brain unnecessary worry and angst, or potentially – unintentionally – corrupting my own original Godric story ideas. This is my responsibility and I accept it gladly.

Decent writing requires that a writer possess certain strong traits: honesty, creativity, adherence to certain standards, and originality. Stealing from another writer for your own benefit violates all those ideals.

Originally posted on A Writer's Corner:

Plaigiarism is a dirty word, no doubt about it! I was recently reading through the Twilight/Vampire Diaries crossover section on and came across a story that was eerily similar to one of my own. The circumstances, the characters’ history, even some of the action and dialogue was very much like a story I have written.

I was beyond angry about it! I put my heart and soul into my stories, and I give a lot of thought to the plot, the development of the stories, the dialogue, and whatnot. To see that someone took my ideas and made it their own is very disconcerting. I realize that I do write fan fiction and that the fictional universes I write about were created by other people. However, anything original I add to it is mine. To see someone taking that from me just hurts. I feel violated! There’s no other way to…

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This Left Feels… Perfect!

Originally posted on Fanfiction by Bertie Bott:

Yes! As promised, here is the long anticipated continuation of This Left Feels Right! Come and see how Damon and Bella react together and what her confrontation with the Cullens is like. I may do one more take on this story of them going to Mystic Falls – but don’t hold your breath for it. I wouldn’t start it until Thirsty is complete and there’s maybe about 6 chapters left there…

Anywho, I hope you enjoy it and for those of you feeling a bit parched I hope to quench your thirst this weekend ;)

Don’t forget to like me on Facebook for teasers and general shenanigans!

This Left Feels Right banner

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