Plagiarism strikes again…

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…And now it’s even closer to home for me.

Many of you will have seen the posts I have been reblogging about my friends and fellow writers being shamelessly plagiarized by someone in the last couple of days, unfortunately I can now count myself in a disturbingly long list.

The offending author can be found at and is currently going by ericbella27

The story that she has copied is If We Could Take the Time, which is particularly upsetting to me because that story was written in tribute to my brother. I feel it’s insulting to the feeling behind the story and the reasons I wrote it.

Below is a section of my story along with her paraphrased version of it…

Excerpt from my story:

Consumed with his thoughts as he cut through a dark alleyway he was caught off guard as a petite human practically bounced off him and…

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Ok folks.  I need your help.  I know I was gone, and I will update the convention page when I have a chance.  Instead of doing that I have dealt with someone today.

This writer on BellaEric27, has stolen from many of my fellow writers.  And.. she has stolen ED. (Every Dark Night Turns into Day).  I was nice, and asked her to remove the story:

Eternity of Night
5h agoI am messaging you to please remove your story Eternity of Night from you writings.

This is my ED (Every Dark Night Turns Into Day) (You can find this here on Fanficiton, or on my site www dot Kittyinaz dot com. I have also seen what you have done with other stories, and while you are not copying the story word for word, you are still stealing an idea.

Here is the definition of plagiarism:

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Django Unchained actress says L.A. police handcuffed her after mistaking her for a prostitute

Originally posted on National Post | Arts:

LOS ANGELES — Actress Daniele Watts, who appeared in Django Unchained, is complaining that she was handcuffed and briefly put in the back of a squad car after a public display of affection with her white companion.

Brian Lucas told KCBS-TV in a joint interview with Watts that he suspects police mistook the black actress for a prostitute “because he was asking me questions like, ‘Who is she? How do you know her? Are you together?’”

The Los Angeles Police Department said Sunday that officers detained the pair after a complaint that two people were “involved in indecent exposure” in a silver Mercedes. Watts was detained until police determined no crime was committed.

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Watts told the station that she and Lucas were embracing in the car Thursday when police showed up. The station said the two have been dating for the past year.

“I knew that the…

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Black Friday Chapter 4


Hey – read this story – it’s awesome! :D

Originally posted on Gyllene:

How about a little Black Friday on this chilly Friday morning?

I’m sure you think I’ve forgotten Lovers Always with all my posts being about Black Friday and the HEA Contest, but don’t worry I’m slowly working on it.  Right now my muse is trying to fix that fucked up season 7 we all wish we could forget.  It looks to be a cool weekend and I plan to try and get in a long walk (two hours) today after work, and then on Saturday, and Sunday.  Hopefully after all of that walking and writing I’ll have chapter 5 of Lovers Always done, and the next chapter of Black Friday, but no promises.

I want to thank Meridian for being my awesome creative consultant on this story.  Without her there would be no Black Friday.  Have you read her new story The Moon?  If not please check it out…

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And The Winners Are…


Congratulations to the winners!!!

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The winners of the HEA Contest are…

1st PLACE-1



Writer’s please look at the comments at the bottom of your stories.  You all got wonderful reviews and you may now post your stories to all of the sites that you normally post. I look forward to reading many of the stories that will be continuing.

 Thank you for all of the happily ever after’s, for participating and making this contest a great success!!!

Writers if you haven’t already done so and if you want, you can snag yourself a copy of the banner below.


An End Becomes a Beginning by Tabby1249

Angel in Blue Jeans by kleannhouse

Burning Light by Kelpie

Come With Me Now- Half Life by idream3223

Dead and Love It! by FairytaleAmber

Healing Lessons by tj6james6

I’m Not Gone Yet by Kittyinaz

Intervention by hisviks

Safe and Sound by mistressjessica1028

So What by kinnik

Where I Belong by TheDarkestFallingStar


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The Moon, Chapter 3

I didn’t want to leave y’all worried about Eric for very long so I rushed this chapter on out  –  you’ll see that he’s in for a bit of a surprise come next chapter…  *evil smirk*

Oh, and thankfully Sookie actually IS smarter than a “two dolla holla” – she even uses her brain!  :D

Hope you enjoy!

aThe Moon banner

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 35


My awesome friend Gyllene made me tear up with this amazing recommendation for my story The Revealing of Andre – she’s the best! Thank you Gyllene!! So, yeah, I’m going to humble-brag the hell out of it! :D

Originally posted on Gyllene:

If you have not yet read The Revealing of Andre by Meridian than you don’t know what you’re missing.  I was hesitant because well, you all know how much I love my Eric and who cares about Andre.  That was until I started to read this amazing story.  Now I love Andre!  Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t replaced Eric by any means but Meridian will change how you think about this character.  I’m sure you hated him from the books, but please give it a chance.  I read this chapters 1-34 last week with a smile on my face the whole time and I hope you do the same.

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Viking Women: A Reinterpretation of the Bones


Re: Viking Warrior Women

Originally posted on Bones Don't Lie:

According to a new journal article by Shane McLeod in Early Medieval Europe, the concept of the male Norse invaders migrating across England in the 9th and 10th centuries CE is potentially biased. He argues that based on burial evidence, females were equal in number if not outnumbering the males, leading to a new interpretation of the Norse migration. Textual evidence of the Norse invasion into Britain notes the presence of women and children in some of the invading groups, but primarily they focus on the high number of male warriors. McLeod argues that there were more women than previously thought based skeletal analysis, and this requires a reinterpretation of the Norse invasion.

Textual evidence from England records two major Norse invasions prior to the 10th century CE. The first was during the 870’s, in which three Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in Eastern England were overrun. During this invasion, records never mention…

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Review for Redemption by Gyllene

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I’m on time!  I have been trying to deal with a lot of stuff, and am so proud I managed to get this one out.

this is one of those stories, that once I started to read, I had to finish.  Though I fully admit to whining to the writer on it.


Name of Story: Redemption

Fandom: SVM/TB

Author: Gyllene


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors):  After the fairy war in the Southern Vampire Mysteries Sookie is unable to use her shields to block the thoughts of her friends that are trying to take care of her.  Eric hasn’t told Sookie where he was and why he didn’t save her.

Sookie decides to she needs to get away from everyone’s thoughts and Eric while she heals.  She leaves during the day to get as far away from Louisiana as she can before sunset.

Felipe DeCastro wants…

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The Moon: A TB Finale Fixer


I know, I know…a new story…I know! 

*sorry/not sorry*

Introducing “The Moon”…a TB finale fixer.  This is meant to be a short multi-chapter fic, and an E/S HEA is guaranteed.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Click this awesome banner made by the fantastic Gyllene for more:

aThe Moon banner

So, yeah…that was, um, that… (Regarding the fiasco-flop of a finale)

I’m feeling kind of bloggy, so, yeah, here we go.

I can’t wait for next week’s epis…  Oh.

sad_gif_converted<— That’s really how I’m feeling. 

Realistically I know that I shouldn’t be all sad and shit over the ending of some mostly-crappy HBO spew…but I am.  It’s because of True Blood that I even FOUND the marvelous, fun, frustrating, and unique world of fanfic to start with, and now the show’s OVER?


SVM (the books) didn’t come along for me until after I’d started watching toward the end of the 1st season.  But once I was told that the series was based on these books, naturally I inhaled them ASAP.  Then, of course, I spent a few minutes being utterly confused by the weird changes from the books, but hey, I got Lala and Godric, so it was all good. 

Then of course I realized that I detested whatever the hell it was that CH shat out as her last 2? 3? “books”.  (I’ve so successfully ignored CH’s recent shattings that I don’t remember now HOW many she’s crapped out.  They’re all bird-cage coverings for all the shits I give.)

No matter how badly The Twit decided to fuck up the entire story, I will always love the first 8 books.  It just might be another decade or 3 before I can make me read them again…

But…yeah.  So, TB’s over now.  There’s no more anticipation about an upcoming season, no more ‘ticking days’ till Sunday night…and, honestly, no more bitching and griping about how badly they’ll fuck up the last season or, especially, the finale.

Which they did.


I dunno why they decided to present Eric as a used-blood salesman – having him sell “New Blood” was a great plot idea, but they had him coming off like, yeah, a used-blood salesman.  I dunno why they decided to present Pam as a pimp/madame schilling out Sarah’s blood.  But, they did.  At least Eric’s not in any sort of marital incarceration, so that’s a good thing.  And Pam’s alive, even if she does look like a Republicunt – terminology made famous by her own self.  I dunno why they decided to foist Sookie off onto some unknown Brutus-looking dude who is most likely a Were considering that she’s a TELEPATH who can’t stand to be all that close to HUMAN men… (Srsly, to me he looks like Brutus from that old Popeye cartoon.),,,but at least her uterus served its all-important purpose, I guess.  I’m glad Lala is happy with Jessica’s bf, and I’m glad that Jessica is happy with Bridgett’s bf (Hoyt), and I’m glad Jason is happy with Hoyt’s gf (Bridgett)………but still.  (I guess that’s her name – we knew her for, what, 12 minutes max?)

At least they gave us fic writers PLENTY of material for rewrites, fixes, and future plots, though.


If I cared enough to pursue them, I’ve already got at least 3 different fix-it plots in mind, but…meh.

Even before this fiasco of a final season I was starting to get tired of some aspects of the fic world, and this ending has not helped at all.  

I’m a bullheaded Taurus, though, so I’m not going to stop writing my on-going fics even if I do pull back from it all a little.  There are still a LOT of fixer/rewrite stories left to tell, and I’d like to tell a few more of them myself, maybe, if I ever leave the dubious halls of Mehville.

Godric and Eric and Andre, yeah, I’m still ‘addicted’ to my vamp-dudes, even if HBO fucked over two of them and, thankfully?, ignored the third one.  (I still wish horrid rashes and a rather strange clown fetish-phobia combo on whoever decided to kill off Godric.)

Anyway, what are YOUR thoughts on the ending of TB?   Loved it?  Hated it?  Ignored it?  Pretending it didn’t happen?  Still WTF’ing?   Feel free to vent.



The Very Last ‘True Blood’ Episode Recap That You Will Ever Read: ‘Thank You’

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True Blood end

Series finales are a tricky, almost always unforgiving and thankless pitfall of the television industry. Rarely do you hear fans compliment the final episodes of their favorite shows, unless it’s a long way down the road and they’re only saying it after years of the contrary (looking at us, fellow Seinfeld fans). Even some of my friends who loved 30 Rock, the greatest show in TV history, as much as I did (and still do, as we pretend that it’s only taking the longest break ever between seasons) thought that the second to last episode would have been better as the finale, and the actual final episode was just overkill (even though they’re wrong and the ending was perfect). Hell, I still remember sitting with two friends who worshipped The Sopranos and watching in fear as I thought they were going to set the television on fire when…

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All good things come to an end


A very pleasing end to a great story!

Originally posted on Gabrielle:

In two days from now, it will have been three years since I’ve started Need. This is a huge amount of time for any writer to handle a story, especially one as short as Need has been, but alas, what’s done it’s done.

I’ve gone through times with zero inspiration, and other times with my muse whispering in my ear ideas for other stories, such as the many one-shots you read over the years from me. It’s been a long journey, but it has finally come to an end.

Today, I’m publishing the last chapter of Need. There’s only an epilogue on the way for this one, but it won’t be something very long. I think I’ve tied up all loose ends and I hope I didn’t lose anything on the way.

Thank you all for sticking with me through all of this and continuing to read Need even when…

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The “Dream Team” Contest


MsBuffy has an awesome idea: get together 10 fic writers to make up a “Dream Team” to REWRITE this fiasco of a True Blood season. Your mission, should you choose to accept it? Go to her site and list the 10 fic writers you’d love to see doing this rewrite! This is an awesome idea, and of course there are more details about this on her site. :D
(Sadly I have to ask to be excluded, though, since I wouldn’t have the time to do it the justice it deserves even though it’d be SO much fun. However, thank you to infinity and back if you WERE thinking of me!)

Originally posted on MsBuffy:

The “Dream Team” True Blood Season 7 Writer Replacement Contest

We all have our favorite writers, and wouldn’t it awesome to have the “Team” of our choosing write the last season of True Blood so we all get the ending WE want? The contest asks you, the readers, to choose from all the FF writers whom you see as your “Dream Team?” Choose 10 writers, one for the Head Writer & 5 betas. Beginning today, August 19, 2014, and ending August 28, 2014, submit your choices to my blog. I’ll tally up the votes and then we’ll have our “Dream Team.” Favorite writers from WordPress, LiveJournal, and any other SVM/TB site are welcomed.The Head Writer will assign an episode to each writer as well as one of her own to write. I don’t want to make this long & drawn out for the writers; I know they’ve got some…

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Crossover Interview: Cuinawen


This lady with the unpronounceable name (well, unpronounceable to me since my brain can’t figure out how’n hell to “say” it…) is an AWESOME writer. She has a true gift with words, and you end up reading her story not because you like the characters, but because you adore how SHE PRESENTS the characters. Srsly. Check out her works! NOW! :D

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Hello all! Long time no “see.” I’m happy to get back into the swing of things after my little hiatus with an interview from the one and only Cuinawen. To be truthful, I completely adore her writing style as she has a talent for writing highly intense/emotional situations with an understated ease that packs a wonderful punch, leaving you begging for more. While only recently breaking out into new pairings, her standard crossover couple is Bella and Kol and well… I’ll just let her fill you in on it all :)

Without further ado, please meet Cuinawen

kol-cuinawenHi there, nice to meet you: Basic Information

Can you please tell the people reading this your name?


Where do you like to post, and can you give us the site of your preferred medium?

Currently I only post on WordPress and, my preference is my WP: The Drawing…

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Valentine’s Night, Chapter 8, is up! (Yes, really…)

*peeps around corner* 

Oops…you thought I’d forgotten this little fic, didn’t you…


(*ducks flying rotten vegetation*)

I suspect that I just haven’t been wanting to finish it, ya know?  This Eric and Sookie are near and dear to my heart, and maybe I just didn’t (don’t) want to let them go yet.

I dunno.

Either way, here’s Chapter 8, aka:  Epilogue, Part 1:

Eric in a tux1

I hope you enjoy!  :D


**Edited to add:  It seems that WP is being a little bitch about letting people leave comments via some devices, so feel free to comment on FF, AO3, TWCS, or FictionPad if that works better for ya.  Hey, it’s all love!  :D  <3