The Moon: A TB Finale Fixer


I know, I know…a new story…I know! 

*sorry/not sorry*

Introducing “The Moon”…a TB finale fixer.  This is meant to be a short multi-chapter fic, and an E/S HEA is guaranteed.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Click this awesome banner made by the fantastic Gyllene for more:

aThe Moon banner

So, yeah…that was, um, that… (Regarding the fiasco-flop of a finale)

I’m feeling kind of bloggy, so, yeah, here we go.

I can’t wait for next week’s epis…  Oh.

sad_gif_converted<— That’s really how I’m feeling. 

Realistically I know that I shouldn’t be all sad and shit over the ending of some mostly-crappy HBO spew…but I am.  It’s because of True Blood that I even FOUND the marvelous, fun, frustrating, and unique world of fanfic to start with, and now the show’s OVER?


SVM (the books) didn’t come along for me until after I’d started watching toward the end of the 1st season.  But once I was told that the series was based on these books, naturally I inhaled them ASAP.  Then, of course, I spent a few minutes being utterly confused by the weird changes from the books, but hey, I got Lala and Godric, so it was all good. 

Then of course I realized that I detested whatever the hell it was that CH shat out as her last 2? 3? “books”.  (I’ve so successfully ignored CH’s recent shattings that I don’t remember now HOW many she’s crapped out.  They’re all bird-cage coverings for all the shits I give.)

No matter how badly The Twit decided to fuck up the entire story, I will always love the first 8 books.  It just might be another decade or 3 before I can make me read them again…

But…yeah.  So, TB’s over now.  There’s no more anticipation about an upcoming season, no more ‘ticking days’ till Sunday night…and, honestly, no more bitching and griping about how badly they’ll fuck up the last season or, especially, the finale.

Which they did.


I dunno why they decided to present Eric as a used-blood salesman – having him sell “New Blood” was a great plot idea, but they had him coming off like, yeah, a used-blood salesman.  I dunno why they decided to present Pam as a pimp/madame schilling out Sarah’s blood.  But, they did.  At least Eric’s not in any sort of marital incarceration, so that’s a good thing.  And Pam’s alive, even if she does look like a Republicunt – terminology made famous by her own self.  I dunno why they decided to foist Sookie off onto some unknown Brutus-looking dude who is most likely a Were considering that she’s a TELEPATH who can’t stand to be all that close to HUMAN men… (Srsly, to me he looks like Brutus from that old Popeye cartoon.),,,but at least her uterus served its all-important purpose, I guess.  I’m glad Lala is happy with Jessica’s bf, and I’m glad that Jessica is happy with Bridgett’s bf (Hoyt), and I’m glad Jason is happy with Hoyt’s gf (Bridgett)………but still.  (I guess that’s her name – we knew her for, what, 12 minutes max?)

At least they gave us fic writers PLENTY of material for rewrites, fixes, and future plots, though.


If I cared enough to pursue them, I’ve already got at least 3 different fix-it plots in mind, but…meh.

Even before this fiasco of a final season I was starting to get tired of some aspects of the fic world, and this ending has not helped at all.  

I’m a bullheaded Taurus, though, so I’m not going to stop writing my on-going fics even if I do pull back from it all a little.  There are still a LOT of fixer/rewrite stories left to tell, and I’d like to tell a few more of them myself, maybe, if I ever leave the dubious halls of Mehville.

Godric and Eric and Andre, yeah, I’m still ‘addicted’ to my vamp-dudes, even if HBO fucked over two of them and, thankfully?, ignored the third one.  (I still wish horrid rashes and a rather strange clown fetish-phobia combo on whoever decided to kill off Godric.)

Anyway, what are YOUR thoughts on the ending of TB?   Loved it?  Hated it?  Ignored it?  Pretending it didn’t happen?  Still WTF’ing?   Feel free to vent.



The Very Last ‘True Blood’ Episode Recap That You Will Ever Read: ‘Thank You’

Originally posted on UPROXX:

True Blood end

Series finales are a tricky, almost always unforgiving and thankless pitfall of the television industry. Rarely do you hear fans compliment the final episodes of their favorite shows, unless it’s a long way down the road and they’re only saying it after years of the contrary (looking at us, fellow Seinfeld fans). Even some of my friends who loved 30 Rock, the greatest show in TV history, as much as I did (and still do, as we pretend that it’s only taking the longest break ever between seasons) thought that the second to last episode would have been better as the finale, and the actual final episode was just overkill (even though they’re wrong and the ending was perfect). Hell, I still remember sitting with two friends who worshipped The Sopranos and watching in fear as I thought they were going to set the television on fire when…

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All good things come to an end


A very pleasing end to a great story!

Originally posted on Gabrielle:

In two days from now, it will have been three years since I’ve started Need. This is a huge amount of time for any writer to handle a story, especially one as short as Need has been, but alas, what’s done it’s done.

I’ve gone through times with zero inspiration, and other times with my muse whispering in my ear ideas for other stories, such as the many one-shots you read over the years from me. It’s been a long journey, but it has finally come to an end.

Today, I’m publishing the last chapter of Need. There’s only an epilogue on the way for this one, but it won’t be something very long. I think I’ve tied up all loose ends and I hope I didn’t lose anything on the way.

Thank you all for sticking with me through all of this and continuing to read Need even when…

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The “Dream Team” Contest


MsBuffy has an awesome idea: get together 10 fic writers to make up a “Dream Team” to REWRITE this fiasco of a True Blood season. Your mission, should you choose to accept it? Go to her site and list the 10 fic writers you’d love to see doing this rewrite! This is an awesome idea, and of course there are more details about this on her site. :D
(Sadly I have to ask to be excluded, though, since I wouldn’t have the time to do it the justice it deserves even though it’d be SO much fun. However, thank you to infinity and back if you WERE thinking of me!)

Originally posted on MsBuffy:

The “Dream Team” True Blood Season 7 Writer Replacement Contest

We all have our favorite writers, and wouldn’t it awesome to have the “Team” of our choosing write the last season of True Blood so we all get the ending WE want? The contest asks you, the readers, to choose from all the FF writers whom you see as your “Dream Team?” Choose 10 writers, one for the Head Writer & 5 betas. Beginning today, August 19, 2014, and ending August 28, 2014, submit your choices to my blog. I’ll tally up the votes and then we’ll have our “Dream Team.” Favorite writers from WordPress, LiveJournal, and any other SVM/TB site are welcomed.The Head Writer will assign an episode to each writer as well as one of her own to write. I don’t want to make this long & drawn out for the writers; I know they’ve got some…

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Crossover Interview: Cuinawen


This lady with the unpronounceable name (well, unpronounceable to me since my brain can’t figure out how’n hell to “say” it…) is an AWESOME writer. She has a true gift with words, and you end up reading her story not because you like the characters, but because you adore how SHE PRESENTS the characters. Srsly. Check out her works! NOW! :D

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Hello all! Long time no “see.” I’m happy to get back into the swing of things after my little hiatus with an interview from the one and only Cuinawen. To be truthful, I completely adore her writing style as she has a talent for writing highly intense/emotional situations with an understated ease that packs a wonderful punch, leaving you begging for more. While only recently breaking out into new pairings, her standard crossover couple is Bella and Kol and well… I’ll just let her fill you in on it all :)

Without further ado, please meet Cuinawen

kol-cuinawenHi there, nice to meet you: Basic Information

Can you please tell the people reading this your name?


Where do you like to post, and can you give us the site of your preferred medium?

Currently I only post on WordPress and, my preference is my WP: The Drawing…

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Valentine’s Night, Chapter 8, is up! (Yes, really…)

*peeps around corner* 

Oops…you thought I’d forgotten this little fic, didn’t you…


(*ducks flying rotten vegetation*)

I suspect that I just haven’t been wanting to finish it, ya know?  This Eric and Sookie are near and dear to my heart, and maybe I just didn’t (don’t) want to let them go yet.

I dunno.

Either way, here’s Chapter 8, aka:  Epilogue, Part 1:

Eric in a tux1

I hope you enjoy!  :D


**Edited to add:  It seems that WP is being a little bitch about letting people leave comments via some devices, so feel free to comment on FF, AO3, TWCS, or FictionPad if that works better for ya.  Hey, it’s all love!  :D  <3

Eric Northman: After the Show, Chapter 3, is now up!

I had thought about holding this chapter back to post on Sunday as a brain-mint for that night’s True Suck episode, but…nah. 


I’m tired of messing with it.

(I wanna go cruisin’ down I20 w/ Eric to see Godric, dammit…late night, top down, music up, hair blowin’ in the night air breeze…) – (insert totally excusable pout here)

Eric Northman courtesy of 4padfoot

Hope you like!  :D

HEA Contest!


Do it!! I can’t wait to read the stories that come from this!

Originally posted on Gyllene:

Eric &amp; Sookie Contest

The first time I saw this picture, I thought it was a great picture to inspire a contest because we all know that True Blood is going to fuck us over and not give us the HEA that we all want for Sookie and Eric.  So here I am starting my own contest. See below for the rules.

Rules for all contests:

1. All stories must be anonymous. Anyone found telling what they wrote will be disqualified from winning.

2. No posting on your own site until the contest is done and the voting is over.

3. Must be at least 500 words. Past that, it’s up to you. It can be a new one shot or the start of a multi-chapter story, but let me know what you plan.

4. All stories must end with a happy ending for Eric and Sookie.

5. If explicit, you need to warn people in…

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Review for Lover’s Amnesia by Gyllene



Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Hello There!!!   For those that follow me, know I was forced into a vacation from overworking myself just a bit on my stories.  I am back from it, and starting my reviews for Gyllene’s stories.

So get comfy, and we will start off with Lover’s Amnesia.  As always, click on the banner to go to the story…


Name of Story: Lover’s Amnesia

Fandom: TB/SVM

Author: Gyllene


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie

Description (Authors): Sookie loses her memory after a car accident.  Can Eric make her fall in love with him again?  AU

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Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 6, is up!

You know the drill – enjoy now, or save for after True Suck tonight – your choice!

This chapter will tell you more about Godric and his time in Fairy:

Sookie Takes Charge pic


And, just in case you missed it yesterday or would prefer even more “After True Suck” brain mints, here’s the next chapter of Decisions (my 2nd Godric and Cara story):


Either way, enjoy!

So… Here is my two cents


As you may have heard, the so-called “writer” Alexandra Anthony stole our fellow fic-writer ficlit78’s and published it for profit. Many of us have left various and assorted ‘reviews’ regarding this thievery on I’m reblogging Kittyinaz’s post, and to keep from flooding your inbox, I’m attaching mine to this “pre-blog commentary”:

I’m absolutely flabbergasted! How in the world could someone steal someone else’s work and publish it as their own? Inevitably SOME ideas will just happen to coincide with others, but to lift whole, complete passages? That’s just…thievery, pure and plain. An apology just won’t cut it, I’m afraid. We fic writers (I’m Mer, btw) work our collective and individual butts off to create, write, proof and publish something worthy of not only our time but of our readers, too. We stay up late, get up early, buy many different thesauruses (well, I did…), and are absolutely prepared to shed blood, sweat, and tears to crank out something worth reading.

We do not do this for for some asinine, two-bit fake “writer” to come along and steal our works.

I would like to believe that this extraordinarily stupid and crass thievery by this Anthony person was beneath them, but I am having a very hard time believing this to be true. Bluntly, the kind of person who would do this is incomprehensible to me. I certainly hope they’re not my neighbor because I have to wonder if they’d steal gas out of my cars, too!

No, this person needs to not ONLY immediately and permanently halt the sale of ANY of “her” books, but she also needs to voluntarily forward to Heather any earnings she might have gained as well. Her abject and provable plagiarism automatically negates any contracts she might have made on these works which implies that even more prosecution should come her way. I highly suggest that Heather contact an attorney and pursue this case. Theft of ideas is a very serious, very harmful, very HEARTBREAKING violation of not only rights, but of heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and the joy of creating one’s own works.
Feel free to go to and leave your own thoughts regarding this bullshit. Reviews left on her books have been magically disappearing, so many of us have turned to this link:

Originally posted on Kittyinaz:

I left the following review on Amazon on the Thief known as Alexandra Anthony’s Fated.  I wonder how long until it is gone………..

Stealing another’s work is wrong.  There are even laws against it amazingly enough.  to be frank, how would you like to build a house from the ground up, spilling your blood into the dirt, your tears into the foundation and so forth.  Only when it is done, you are ready to move in and then someone pushes you out of the way saying it was sold to you by someone you didn’t even know?  Pissed wouldn’t you be?  Going to get your rights and showing you own something.  Wanting if nothing else the profit someone made on your stuff??

So how is someone’s time and sweat, sleepness nights and the burning of your eyes as you type your story up.  The time you poured into making a…

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Just a little self-promotion/I’m bored and it’s Tuesday

Hey, at least I’m honest…

Did you have a chance to read Kittyinaz’s TB/SVM interview of my lovely self for The Non-Canon Awards site?  If not, here

Srsly, though, not only do I love the questions she came up with (she’s interviewing and reviewing other writers too!!!), but I *also* wanted to promote her involvement with The (awesome) Non-Canon Awards site (which is also running a Twisted Fairy Tale contest, too!).

Plus I’m bored. 

Go read!  Then go write!!  :D

Here’s a pretty picture so your time wasn’t wasted:

EricAndSookie Banner MATERIAL


Plagiarism for Profit


Plagiarizers have struck again – this time on ficlit78, and this time FOR PROFIT:

Originally posted on ficlit78:

To my dearest virtual friends…

I’m so angry right now that I can barely write. Two weeks ago, a reader informed me that an author over in Vampire Diaries had lifted some of my work from Pretty Kitty and rewritten it into their own (horrible) story. I messaged and confronted them, and the work was promptly taken down.

It got me thinking…how often is my work plagiarized? So I Googled a few lines of my stuff, just to see what would come up… and I found something that made me sick.

Someone named Alexandra Anthony is SELLING my work in her own books called The Vampire Destiny series. You can buy them on Amazon and B&N, for fuck’s sake. I’ve written to the author directly through Facebook and told her to delete my work from her stuff before I contact Amazon and B&N, but honestly, the stuff is already out…

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Sookie’s still takin’ charge, Chapter 5

Before I get to the chapter link, I’d just like to take a moment to remember and observe the passing of one of our own:  Princess Brigant.  Her cousin, Asgardian Angel, posted on her ff account that Princess Brigant had passed on from illness several weeks prior.  Her story “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?” was a favorite of mine.

Fanfiction link to notice

Now, on to the story…

Here!  Go!  Enjoy!

*just don’t damage me too much for that itsy-bitsy-cliffie…

a Sookie Takes Charge pic

Interview: Gyllene Fanfiction


Here’s my good friend Gyllene getting grilled by the The Non-Canon Awards Interviewer – check it out, and be sure to check out her stories, too!

Originally posted on The Non-Canon Awards:

Ok.. I thought I already did all this, but I may have been remembering the previous site.  It explains how it didn’t go out.  Oops!  My fault!!!

But here we go, a new Writer!!   Let’s meet Gyllene!


So we are going to start out with some basic information for all of you.

Can you please tell the people reading this your name? Gyllene

Where do you like to post, and can you give us the site of your preferred medium? I post on AO3, FictionPad,, TWCS, and WordPress. I prefer my website:

What do you prefer, Tea or Coffee? Coffee. It has so much French Vanilla creamer in it I’m not sure you can call it coffee though.

What is your favorite beverage of choice? And if alcoholic and mixed, what are the ingredients? Cherry Pepsi

What is your funny story about trying something to drink and it…

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Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 3, is up!

Caution:  This chapter contains lots of foul language, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, then why are you reading MY works?  Srsly, though, Sookie is…pissed, so expect LOTS of cursing. 

Also, actually highly unusual for me, this chapter contains quite a few pics.  I don’t normally put a bunch of pics in my chapters because they can potentially slow down device/computer speeds and because they tend to be distracting to readers (well, to me, lol), but I figured that with as many Eric-lovers as we have amongst us (myself included), I should show exactly WHY Sookie is so incredibly pissed off at Eric (to save my ass from your pitchforks) so readers can see very clearly where Sookie’s coming from in this story.

A little reassurance before the show:  Yes, this *IS* going to have an E/S HEA, so no fears or pitchforks!  Enjoy!